What is the Quaker E-Pass?
Quaker E-Pass is Penn Athletics' exciting new initiative that will seamlessly allow you to manage your online account interaction at PennAthletics.com in one central location.

Your Quaker E-Pass will consolidate any previous accounts you may have had at Penn Athletics including tickets, PSN streaming, and merchandise into one universal login that allows you to manage virtually everything you do at PennAthletics.com in one convenient area of our web site.

What information will I be able to control with my Quaker E-Passt?
Your Quaker E-Pass will allow you to manage your accounts with these areas online:
-Ticketing (season and individual game purchases, renewals, etc.)
-Email subscriptions
-PSN Streaming (premium login, subscription renewal, on demand content, etc.)
-Online Store (merchandise and apparel, photo store, mobile, etc.)

It will also allow you to fully manage your personal information as it relates to PennAthletics.com and the aforementioned areas. This will include items such as your email address, mailing address, phone numbers, a photo of yourself (if you choose) and much more. Note: Your Quaker E-Pass is not related to donor information.

How do I know if I already have a Quaker E-Pass?
If you have previously purchased PSN streaming, merchandise or made any other e-commerce transaction on PennAthletics.com, you will have already created a Quaker E-Pass. If you were a football or men's basketball season ticket holder during the 2007-08 season, the Penn Athletics Ticket Office will create a Quaker E-Pass for you and your log-in information will be included on your renewal statement. Season ticket holders who have already created a Quaker E-Pass will have their information merged into one account.

Season Ticket Holders who have questions regarding their Quaker E-Pass may call the Penn Athletics Ticket Office at 215-898-6151.

How do I create my Quaker E-Pass?
If you have read the above information and are certain that you do not have an exisiting Quaker E-Pass account, you may create a new account by visiting our new accounts page. Simply click on the "Create New Account" button on that page and fill out the registration form that follows.

How do I update/view my Quaker E-Pass profile?
Once you obtain your Quaker E-Pass login information, simply enter it in any login area on PennAthletics.com. That will take you to your profile. For a full explanation of the Quaker E-Pass profile area, please see our Penn Profile Welcome & General Guide.