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Press Conference Quotes vs. Columbia
Courtesy: University of Pennsylvania
          Release: 10/13/2012
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Head Coach Al Bagnoli

On the offensive performance:
"Going into the game, I was worried. We had a considerable amount of bumps and bruises in that William & Mary game. So coming into the game, we did not have the greatest practice week which was a cause for concern. We came out (today) and I thought we played very lackluster, and I’ll take the blame for that. We should have been ready to play in the first half, and I give Columbia credit for taking it to us. Honestly, they dominated that first half. They absolutely dominated the first half. Fast forward it and I think our kids did a great job with the hurry-up. I think we got into a little bit of a rhythm and I think we did a great job at that point with making plays and resiliency, and being able to handle the stress of two minutes, however the push leading up to that was not stellar. Looking forward, we need to correct it. But I’m happy for our kids, and obviously we know we have to play better, we have to coach better, we’re going to have to practice better, and execute better."

Senior QB Billy Ragone

On the Lions containing WR Conner Scott:
"Their defense is going to key on him. He’s definitely our go to guy at wide receiver. But they did a nice job giving him fits, clouding a safety over him. But it gave our other guys an opportunity to  step up and they did. Lyle Marsh and Ryan Mitchell did a great job and our couple tight ends did great filling in. We just have to have more answers when Conner isn’t contributing as much as we’d like."

On the offensive line against Columbia's touted defensive line:
"I thought our offensive line did a great job in seeing what they had and making their adjustments. They’ve been doing a good job, run blocking and pass blocking all year and they’re a good solid group, and they’re going to continue to lead this offense. They played a good second half and they did a good job responding to their good pass rush. They (Columbia) had good down guys and a couple of good linebackers so our guys really responded after a couple of bad series."

Senior DL Brandon Copeland

On the final defensive stop:
"That last drive had 50 seconds on the clock. At that point we were just like, don’t let them score. We would like to get there every time, sack them every time or go three-and-out, but they’re football players as well, they’re trying to score as well. At the end of the day, we ultimately got the job accomplished. But we want to clean up our spots and not have to come that close anymore."

On whether Columbia's offense wore them down:
"I wouldn’t say it was too much fatigue. Let’s not downplay their coaching and those guys played a great game. They found open spots, got receivers open and I’ll be the first to step up and say that d-line and myself, we need to get there a lot more than we have been. We’re in the QB’s face a lot but he’s still getting the ball off, we want to get there faster. But other than that, they (Columbia) played a great game, had a great game plan."

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