Located in the basement of the TSE Center at Hutchinson Gymnasium, the Coach Ted A. Nash Land Based Rowing Center allows the Penn rowing programs to continue their training when they cannot get on the waters of the Schuylkill River.

The Nash Center features 12,000 square feet of program facility. The highlights include three separate ERG rooms, each fully equipped with Concept II equipment.

The Center also features an In River Indoor Rowing Tank, which features two 8-station water propulson tanks and allows the rowers to work on their oar skills for either side of the boat.

In addition to these rowing areas, the Nash Center also features a team area; coaches offices; and stretching and equipment areas with stationary bikes.

The Coach Ted A. Nash Land Based Rowing Center was part of a 98,000-square-foot renovation of the existing Hutchinson Gymnasium that cost $27.2 million. The project is certified as LEED Gold.