My Quaker E-Pass is live! If you have a current Quaker E-Pass account, you will now be able to update your contact information, buy tickets online, purchase merchandise, and set your email subscription preferences.

Penn Athletics encourages you to first add or update your current e-mail address in your profile. Your e-mail address is very important to us so that we may communicate with you when necessary. You are also encouraged to change your official Quaker E-Pass login. In order to provide a more secure environment, we ask that you please use your preferred e-mail address as your login.

We are continuing to make improvements to the Quaker E-Pass to better serve you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send your comments to We appreciate your input and patience as we continue to work and make your online experience at a positive one.

As you browse through your account, you will currently notice four (4) tabs you can navigate ("Account", "Tickets", "Merchandise", "Auctions", and "Subscriptions").

Under the "account" tab you will find seven (7) dropdown menu items:

1) "My Profile" - Here you will be able to view a snapshot of your current and historical activity with the Ticket Office.
2) "My Account Info"- Utilize this to edit your login information, your payment information and your shipping address.
3) "My Photo"- We encourage you to upload a photo of yourself so that we can recognize you when we see you in person.
4) "My Notifications" - Your notifications preferences will determine what type of e-mail notifications you receive. You have the ability to update your preferences at any time through this tab in
Quaker E-Pass.
5) "My Credit Cards" - Obviously, this will be the area where you can add and manage your credit cards if you so choose to for payment purposes.
6) "My Addresses" - Once again, obvious. Here you can manage your preferred billing and shipping addresses.
7) "My Messages" - This is where you will receive any important messages from Penn Athletics that are related to your
Quaker E-Pass account or other individual business. With a new message, you will see a notification of that in the header area of your account.

Within the "Tickets" tab you will find five (5) dropdown menu items:
1) "Buy Tickets" - Select to buy tickets to any Penn Athletics events offered through online ticketing.
2) "My Pending Orders" - Shows a list of your recent ticket orders that payments have not yet been processed for.
3) "My Purchase History" - Simply a summary of your ticket purchase history on
) "My Season Seating Requests" - More information coming soon.

Within the "Merchandise" tab you will find two (2) dropdown menu items:
1) "My Recent Orders" - Track you recent merchandise purchases on
2) "My E-gift Certificates" - Manage merchandise gift certificates for the Penn Athletics Online Store.

Click on the Auctions tab to manage your auction purchases.

Finally, by clicking on the Penn Sports Network tab, you can either subscribe to PSN's premium audio and video streaming packages, or manage your existing subscriptions.

Please remember the information contained in your Quaker E-Pass profile is very personal and most fans choose to keep ticketing information confidential. In order to do so you must be very careful to never share your login and password with anyone else. Remember, we also ask that your login be your preferred e-mail address to help make your account more secure. If necessary, you can change your current login by clicking on the "My Account Info" menu under the "Account" tab. Login and passwords can be edited there. You must also remember to log out. Once you log in to your Quaker E-Pass account and continue viewing content, you will see "Welcome, (your name)" at the top of the main article area of any page on the website. As long as that is present, you are logged into the system and you must log out to close your Penn Passport account. This is especially important to those who may be viewing on a public computer.

We hope you enjoy your Quaker E-Pass experience. Please feel free to click on the Customer Care link on the bottom of any page and send us your comments or questions.

Thanks again for your support as we move forward and continue to improve your online experience with Penn Athletics!