“Throughout Penn’s history, athletics and recreation have helped to shape the lives of our undergraduates, providing wonderful out-of-classroom learning experiences. At Penn, where our mission is to train not just the mind but the whole person, coaches are respected teachers. Today, we launch a campaign that, first, will create the very best environment and opportunities for our students to flourish during their years at Penn; and second, to become great future leaders.”

University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann

Click here to read the entirety of President Gutmann's remarks from Oct. 20, 2007


Launched October 20, 2007, the Campaign for Penn Athletics represents the first time in the University of Pennsylvania’s 270 year history that the Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics (DRIA) will play a major role in a University fundraising campaign.  Launched the same day as the University’s $3.5 billion “Making History” campaign, DRIA was tasked with raising $112 million for new and renovated facilities, endowment, and annual operating funds.  Already, four years into this endeavor, DRIA has risen to new heights, recruiting scores of volunteers and shattering divisional fundraising records.  With two years remaining in the Campaign, and many benchmarks yet to be realized, Penn’s Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics, together with our 25,000+ alumni and friends, have much left to do.

As of March 2011, Penn Athletics has cleared $94 million on our way to our $112 million goal.


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