Located in the James D. Dunning, Jr. Coaches' Center, the Mendelson Room at the University of Pennsylvania is a spacious room adorned with comfortable furniture for you and your co-workers to relax. Guests will feel immersed in the athletic history of Penn, as there are several trophy cases in the Mendelson Room. The large bay windows on each end of the Mendelson Room offer great views of Shoemaker Green and The Palestra as well as Franklin Field. Any meeting or social function can be catered, and the Mendelson Room can be set up to your specifications.

Furniture in Mendelson Room:
2 Couches
2 Coffee Tables
6 End Tables
6 Reading Chairs
2 Cushioned Benches
10 Regular Chairs
1 Large Square Table

Other Features:
Trophy Cases
View of Shoemaker Green and The Palestra
Coat rack
Spacious and configurable
Large bay windows which provide good natural light
Handicapped accessible

Casual meetings
Small formal or informal parties
Pre and post-game gatherings or celebrations
Furniture is part of the room and will remain in place unless otherwise stipulated by renter.  Furniture can be moved for an extra cost or reconfigured to suit renter needs.