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Courtesy: University of Pennsylvania
Press Conference Quotes vs. Yale
Courtesy: University of Pennsylvania  
Release:  10/22/2011

Head Coach Al Bagnoli

On his team's play calling:
"We worked really hard to be balanced.  We'd like to think we have a quarterback who is multi-dimensional, who is getting more comfortable throwing the ball.  We'd like to think we have some receivers who can catch the ball, tight ends who can catch it, and we have some running backs.  Every offense's aim is to be balanced.  If you take a look at Yale's (offense), they're extremely balanced as well.  They have two to three kids running the ball, you have a kid who can throw it, you have two or three who can catch it.  Those are things that become very difficult to defend.  You don't know whether to put eight in the box or try to defend the run with six."

On the pressures of the streak:
"We're a different team this year than we were last year.  We graduated 33 seniors.  Obviously, there are a lot of new faces, a lot of moving parts. You just got to get those guys better and better, make sure they stay focused for you the entire game and just make sure they understand how hard they got to work during the week, how hard they got to work on Saturday and how much time and effort it takes to win games in this league.  It's a struggle.  Every week it's a struggle.  We're not surprised that it's a struggle especially when you look at this game.  Our kids fight, they scratch and they claw and we keep playing and we keep playing & today we were fortunate to get the win."

Junior Quarterback Billy Ragone
On the team finishing the game strong:
"It speaks a lot about our team that we are never going to give up in a game and early on in the game we were moving the ball and doing what we wanted to do offensively but we weren't punching it in. We couldn't get it in before the half there. We just had to keep doing what we were doing and we made a lot of plays in the second half and we were able to get in and that made a difference."

On the receivers:
"I think that having so many weapons is great and we work on trying to get everyone the ball in certain situations and positions where they can thrive. Today everything seemed to fall in place in the second half, we had guys wide open making nice catches and running after the catch and when we play like that we are a dangerous offense. We have to keep building off of this and we have to stay focused."

Senior linebacker Erik Rask

On the defensive mindset against Yale
"On defense, especially playing a team with a quarterback and his potent offense, we expect them to get a couple yards on us. Obviously, it's not the goal coming in but when it happens you have to rebound and come back the next play and shake it off. I think we are allowing too many big plays from where we would like to be. The good thing about that not a lot of them were turning into points. As long as you make them consistently drive the ball down the field, we think that we will be alright."

On pressuring the quarterback:
"With him (Patrick Witt) back at quarterback, if you give him all day to throw the ball he is just going to pick you apart. Our goal was to bring a lot of pressure, and try to get guys in his face and moving around. In the second half, for the most part, we did a great job of that. He is a good player, so he will put the ball where it needs to be in certain times. But we got in his face and put pressure on and we were able to capitalize on that."

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