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The Intercollegiate Strength and Conditioning Center at Weiss Pavilion

Courtesy: Edwin Mahan
Penn Sports Performance - Strength & Conditioning
Courtesy: University of Pennsylvania  
Release:  12/03/2012

Intercollegiate Strength and Conditioning Center Photo Gallery
The Inquirer's Health & Fitness Section Gives the Center a Big Thumbs Up!

The University of Pennsylvania's strength and conditioning staff works closely with the varsity programs in the design and implementation of, but not limited to:
   *Functional movement screen baseline
   *Functional movement screen corrective pattern program design
   *Weight training program
   *Cardiovascular conditioning
   *Speed and agility programming
   *Educating our athletes and coaches on program design and periodization
   *Attend practices to teach speed and agility technique and assist in dynamic warm-up
   *Incorporate ACL prevention strategies for multiple teams

Meet the Strength & Conditioning staff
Jim Steel, Associate Director for Sports Performance
football, volleyball, field hockey, women's lacrosse, softball

Stephen Brindle, Assistant (Speed and Agility Coordinator)
sprint football, men's and women's basketball, men's swimming & diving, wrestling, men's track & field, football (asst)

Tracy Zimmer, Assistant
men's and women's squash, men's lacrosse, women's track & field, women's tennis, women's rowing, football (asst)

Cristi Bartlett, Assistant
men's and women's soccer, men's and women's fencing, women's swimming & diving, baseball, men's and women's golf, football (asst)

Ronnie Washburn, Assistant
gymnastics, men's tennis, football (asst)

Intercollegiate Strength and Conditioning Center at Weiss Pavilion
The spectacular Intercollegiate Weight Room at Weiss Pavilion opened in May 2010. More than 18,000 square feet has been dedicated solely to Penn's varsity intercollegiate athletes, with state-of-the art equipment, running areas, and setups that are unique to the University.

Entering from 33rd Street, certainly the highlight and most dramatic element of the center is the 30 weightlifting racks that were uniquely made for Penn by Sorinex. These racks use more than 20,000 pounds of WerkSan barbells and plates, which are generally considered the finest of their kind in the world. The flooring and platform inlays, unique to Penn, were designed by Mondo Flooring. The room also boasts two running tracks with a special surface specifically designed by Mondo Flooring for maximum traction and durability.

Penn's intercollegiate weight room also boasts more than 40 LifeFitness machines for cardio as well as muscle development; 18 heavy bags from Balazs for kickboxing drills; two complete dumbbell sets (up to 150-pound weights) from Intek; and dozens of medicine balls from M&F Athletics for ballistic training.

In addition to Mr. Weiss' gift to name the entire facility, an anonymous donor made the construction of the bottom-floor intercollegiate weight room possible.

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