Eric Laudano, Assistant AD for Sports Performance/Head Athletic Trainer
football, men's lacrosse, men's & women's golf

Emily (Markis) Dorman, Associate Athletic Trainer
wrestling, men's & women's fencing

Amy Graber, Associate Athletic Trainer
volleyball, women's basketball, men's & women's swimming

Alan Ho, Asst. Athletic Trainer
sprint football, men's & women's squash, men's & women's tennis

Jamel Jones, Asst. Athletic Trainer
men's & womens's cross country/track & field

Jennifer Langley, Asst. Athletic Trainer
field hockey, gymnastics

Alyssa Muething, Asst. Athletic Trainer
women's soccer, softball, women's rowing

Phil Samko, Asst. Athletic Trainer
football, men's basketball

Jessica Stilwell, Asst. Athletic Trainer
football, women's lacrosse

Jess Turak, Asst. Athletic Trainer
men's soccer, baseball, men's heavyweight and lightweight rowing



Jim Steel, Associate Director for Sports Performance
football, volleyball, field hockey, women's lacrosse, softball

Stephen Brindle, Assistant (Speed and Agility Coordinator)
sprint football, men's basketball, women's basketball, wrestling, men's swimming & diving, men's track & field, football (asst)

Tracy Zimmer, Assistant
men's squash, women's squash, men's lacrosse, women's track & field, women's tennis, women's rowing, football (asst)

Cristi Bartlett, Assistant
men's soccer, women's soccer, men's fencing, women's fencing, women's swimming & diving, baseball, men's golf, women's golf, football (asst)

Ronnie Washburn, Assistant
gymnastics, men's tennis



Kayli Hrdlicka R.D., L.D.



Brian Sennett, M.D.
Head Team Physician
Chief of Sports Medicine
Vice Chairman of Orthopedic Department Strategic Planning Committee

Rahul Kapur, M.D.
Assistant Director, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship

James Carey, M.D.

John Kelly, M.D.
Director of Undergraduate Orthopedic Education

Gary Gordon, M.D. (Podiatry)

Christopher Plastaras, M.D. (Spine)
Director of Penn Spine Center
Chief of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Center

Kate Temme, M.D.
Women's Health Clinic