Ivy League student-athletes are presented with challenges from all different directions between classes, studying, meetings, practices, and competition travel -- finding time to eat at all may be a challenge! Nutrition has a direct impact on performance on the field and in the classroom. Optimal nutrition is an integral part of reaching peak performance levels. Penn Performance Nutrition is responsible for the education and counseling of the student-athletes so that performance levels can be maximized both on and off the field.

Penn's Sports Nutritionist is Kayli Hrdlicka R.D., L.D. She coordinates performance nutrition services and works cooperatively with the University's athletic training, strength and conditioning, and team coaching staffs. With a lifestyle approach, optimized and individualized diets can help student-athletes reach an ideal body composition as well as improve their performance and overall health.

Penn Performance Nutrition provides the following individual services:
   *One-on-one counseling covering sports-related issues such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hydration strategies, anemia corrections via food
   *Safe weight gain, weight loss, and weight maintenance strategies for in and out of season
   *Recovery and injury nutrition
   *Guidance for student-athletes in need of altered diets: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, food allergies, etc.
   *Nutrition supplements evaluation and recommendations according to NCAA guidelines
   *Convenient fuel choices for busy student-athletes
   *Individual meal plans based on the student-athlete's needs for the specific period of training, body composition, and sport-specific goals
   *Post-college nutrition plans/education
   *Disordered Eating Counseling in conjunction with Penn's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the physicians at Student Health Services

Team Performance Nutrition services:
   *Team pre/post season nutrition education
   *Grocery store tours
   *Cooking classes
   *Bulletin board and newsletters
   *Pre/post competition meal planning (including halftime)
   *Sport-specific periodization nutrition plans