Head Coach Al Bagnoli:
On containing Marcorus Garrett:

“You really got to be disciplined in controlling your gaps against him.  He is such an instinctive guy that a play starts one way and he’s got great vision and patience when it comes back the other way.  We just really had emphasized staying in the gap, controlling your gap, don’t overrun things, don’t let him push you by the hole.  We have the greatest respect for him, he’s one of the premier running backs in this league.  We had to figure out a way to contain him and put more pressure on the younger guys around him, the quarterback, the receivers around him."

On the penalties:

“We gave up valuable real estate because of penalties.  We had big plays called back because of penalties.  Again, nothing is equating.  We ran 91 offensive plays for 438 yards and we have 21 points to show for it.  That just doesn’t make sense. We’re going to have to work like crazy to eliminate that and get some consistency because right now we’re just all over the place.  We’ve got to have a little bit more of a consistent approach to just finish drives, not shoot ourselves in the foot. We just got to become a better and more consistent football team from top to bottom and learn how to finish things and just understand how difficult it is to overcome penalties and inconsistent play.”

On Ragone injury:

“We’re not sure, we didn’t want to chance him.  We felt we were in good hands with Ryan.  I don’t know if it’s an ankle sprain.  There was no reason to risk him, to jeopardize anything.  We were very comfortable with Ryan at the helm."

Senior QB Ryan Becker:
On the first TD drive:

“We were moving the ball so well.  We were able to just keep going.  I told them all to just keep fighting on third down. We had to execute to get on to the next one.”

Senior safety Evan Jackson
On his interception:

“We knew they were going to come out firing downfield after their big play.  We were just told to stay on top of routes and read our keys.  My guy did a 10-yard out and I jumped in front of it and luckily came down with the ball."

On the defensive effort as a whole:

“We just had the mindset all game to just do our jobs and keep doing what we do.  Just keep chopping wood, that’s our mindset right now.  We just did our jobs and kept the mentality and kept the motors going.”


*Postgame quotes courtesy Steven Tydings, Daily Pennsylvanian.