Heach Coach Al Bagnoli

On the performance of quarterback Ryan Becker:

“He doesn’t surprise us because he understands and executes our offense. We felt like we were in good shape with him and he did a great job of leading our team. We have high expectations for him.”

On the fumble recovery off the punt:
“Turnovers are one of the key components to the game, and today was no exception. We had a short field, got some momentum, and we never looked back. Turnovers give you opportunities to score and win the game, and it all comes down to who takes care of the ball best.”

On senior Sam Chwarzynski’s interceptions:
“He’s been playing great all year, sacking the quarterback or dropping back in coverage. We got a little too conservative (at the end) but he came up with two big plays when we needed them and kept us out of harm’s way.”


Senior defensive back Sebastian Jaskowski

On the defense’s performance:

"We knew we had to stop the run, on first and second down, and I think we did a good job. We got after them and forced them into passing situations. Towards the end we got a little softer in our coverage by not staying on our man quite as well but through the first three quarters, we were really on with the coverage, especially on the run."


Senior Quarterback Ryan Becker

On the difference in practice this week and staying prepared:

“It was a change getting more reps, but the coaches always preach to me about being prepared each week. With Billy’s running style, you never know when he could go down. It was just the same as I did in the past, I get a few more reps at practice and that was just the extra push.”

On wideout Conner Scott's return and the offense's performance:

“It was big, but you can’t say enough about the offensive line. We were able to rush for over 200 yards; the running backs, the fullbacks, the tight ends, they blocked their hearts out. But having Conner back was a dream come true. He’s a special weapon in this league and having him back gives us an extra luxury.”