Head Coach Al Bagnoli:

On the game:
"I'm disappointed in the way we played. Villanova is progressively getting better. I knew it was going to be a challenge but I thought if we played a little bit better and a little bit harder we could have had a victory today. I thought that we did a good job against the quarterback, he had his best passing game of the year. Unfortunately for us it came at a very inopportune time, but we went in there with a team averaging over 250 yards (on the ground) and that is what we were trying to stop."

On where the team goes from here:
"We are trying to get back to basics and trying to get ourselves a little bit more efficient. We got some things we have to look at in terms of what we are doing, but there won't be any major changes with the exception of Brandon (Colavita) coming back. We just have to reset our sights and get some good leadership from our older guys. We need a good job from the coaches and we will go up there and compete like crazy on Saturday (at Dartmouth). We knew that this was a very challenging non-league schedule."

Senior Running Back Jeff Jack

On where the team goes from here:
"I think it is just about clearing the page. It's a new season. You don't get your picture on the wall (where Penn's Ivy championship teams are displayed) by beating Villanova, as much as we wanted to win this game. We thought this was the year we could beat them, but really we are here for one reason. Before camp starts it is to win an Ivy League championship. I think we have seen some really bright spots on both sides. We just really have to put it together. There are no doubts within the locker room. Everyone is pretty confident and we just have to get it done now."

Junior Defensive Back Sebastian Jaskowski

On Villanova's offense:
"We came in with a good game plan against their passing attack but there were a few plays where we didn't execute. I felt like at the beginning we were able to stop their running attack and that is when they really went to passing the ball. There were a few long plays that we could have made but there were a few plays that we did not make and that was really the difference in the game."

On how the high quality non-conference opponents prepare the team for the Ivy season:
"It really helps us with Villanova - especially with the speed of their receivers and the speed of their game. Their no huddle really took a toll on us today and it is going to prepare us for next week. Its good playing really good non-conference opponents. That really gets you set for the  Ivy League season."