The goal of the Penn Relay Carnival is a simple one: to provide the best competition for the greatest number of participants of all levels, ages and abilities.


In its 113-year history, the Carnival has provided competition for more athletes than any other track meet in the world. During the past ten years, more than 100,000 young men and women from high schools, colleges, clubs, the armed services, preparatory schools, junior high schools, middle schools, parochial schools, and elementary schools have competed in the Carnival. The athletes range in age from under eight to over 80.


This year, during some 33 hours of competition on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, more than 425 races will be run, an average of more than one race every five minutes. This includes more than two dozen distance races which require ten minutes or more for actual running.


Providing orderly competition for such a large number of participants in such a tight time span necessitates running the Carnival on a strict time schedule. To fit this schedule, the fields in most events must be limited.


We realize that the Carnival must have the help and cooperation of many people to achieve the success it enjoys. Coaches and officials are unquestionably the people who most contribute to that success, and we would especially like to thank these two groups for entering into the true spirit of this great event. We hope this spirit will prevail for many years.


On behalf of the Penn Relay Carnival, our thanks, and best wishes for continued success.


Dave Johnson


Frank Dolson Director of Penn Relays



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Penn Relays Carnival Dates

2008    April 24-25-26
2009    April 23-24-25

2010    April 22-23-24

2011    April 28-29-30

2012    April 26-27-28