Navy Day Regatta Website

PHILADELPHIA - With one race under its belt for the fall season, the men's heavyweight rowing team is set for its first full-squad competition of the year in the Navy Day Regatta this Saturday on the Schuylkill River.

Last weekend, the varsity eight claimed the bronze medal at the Poughkeepsie Regatta, outdistancing Marist and Army to earn the third spot. This weekend, Nicholas B. Paumgarten Head Coach of Men's Heavyweight Rowing Greg Myhr is scheduled to send 14 different boats into the water - including the first collegiate action for the freshmen boats.

Last year, the Quakers claimed first-place finishes at Navy Day in the men's open 4+ and novice 8 races.

Lawrence Tanzman and Brian Young are schedule to have a chance to defend the open 4+ crown as they are slotted in one boat along with Matthew Van Voorhis, Grant Wilson and Piervincenzo Russo.

(Boatings subject to change)

Men's Collegiate Fours (9:54 a.m.)

Cox - Lawrence Tanzman
Stroke: Matthew Van Voorhis
2. Grant Wilson
3. Piervincenzo Russo
Bow: Brian Young

Cox - Matthew Mildenberg
Stroke: Clyde Nickens
2. Matthew McPeak
3. James Senese
Bow: Mitchell Stein

Cox - Samuel Krupa
Stroke: Russell Windsor
2. Michael Rizzo
3. Daniel Morrison
Bow: Nicholas Barnes

Men's Collegiate Freshmen Eights (10:58 a.m.)

Cox: Maura Weber
Stroke: Aaron Tas
2. Andrew Rosenthal
3. Peter Bacas
4. Jacques Bristow
5. Jeffrey Schimmel
6. Carson Woodbury
7. David Cerami
Bow: Alex Schade

Cox:  Eric Kim
Stroke: Carlos De La Cruz
2. Duncan Van Nest
3. Nick Kowalski
4. Matt Le Blanc
5. Colin Kane
6. Brian Garvey
7. Ethan Kerpelman
Bow: Greg Sommers

Cox: Dan Fischetti
Stroke: Robert Dearborn
2. Akash Kumar
3. Daniel Sawey
4. Jack Leonard
5. Aubrey Chase
6. Tim Donnally
7. Rigney
Bow: Ken Beierlein

Men's Collegiate Second Varsity Eights (11:22 a.m.)

Cox: Halley Sloane
Stroke: Chris Martin
2. Richard Sanz
3. Andrew Wolfram
4. Luke Brzozowski
5. Nicholas Whitehead
6. Daren Frankel
7. John McCluskey
Bow: Gordon Thompson

Men's Collegiate Freshmen Fou (1:30 p.m.)

Cox: Maura Weber
Stroke: Aaron Tas
2. Nick Kowalski
3. Jeffrey Schimmel
Bow: Andrew Rosenthal

Cox: Davis Butner
Stroke: Peter Bacas
2. Alex Schade
3. David Cerami
Bow: Jacques Bristow

Cox: Eric Kim
Stroke: Carlos De La Cruz
2. Matt LeBlanc
3. Colin Kane
Bow: Carson Woodbury

Men's Open Eights (1:50 p.m.)

Cox: Halley Sloane
Stroke: Clyde Nickens
2. Grant Wilson
3. Matthew Van Voorhis
4. Brian Young
5. Piervincenzo Russo
6. Matthew McPeak
7. Loren Mead
Bow: Mitchell Stein

Cox: Matthew Mildenberg
Stroke: James Senese
2. Gordon Thompson
3. Andrew Wolfram
4. Luke Brzozowski
5. Nicholas Whitehead
6. Daren Frankel
7. Chris Martin
Bow: Richard Sanz

Cox: Lawrence Tanzman
Stroke: Russell Windsor
2. Nicholas Barnes
3. Matthew Jackson
4. Daniel Morrison
5. Kevin Kennedy
6. John McCluskey
7. Nicholas Bristow
Bow: Michael Rizzo

Cox: Samuel Krupa
Stroke: Daniel Morson
2. Ethan Kerpelman
3. Bryan Barker
4. Matthew Finnegan
5. Duncan Van Nest
6. Bryan Garvey
7. Robert Dearborn
Bow: Greg Sommers