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Course Selection, Drop, and Other Deadlines

Eligibility Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Section 1 - Mission, Governance and Compliance (13 pages)
     Athletic Director's Letter to Student-Athletes - page 1
     Mission Statements - pages 2, 3
          University of Pennsylvania
          Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics
     Advisory Groups - page 5
          Athletics Board of Overseers
          Gender Equity Advisory Group
          Sport Boards
          Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
          University Council Committee on Academics and Related Affairs
     Compliance and Governance - page 6
          A Shared Responsibility
          Governing Affiliations
          Penn Athletic Compliance Officials

Section 2 - The Penn Student-Athlete (4 pages)
     Rules Compliance, the Student-Athlete's Responsibility - page 2
     Communications - page 2
     Student-Athlete's Code of Ethics - page 2
     Ivy League Principles of Conduct and Good Sportsmanship - page 3
     Non-Discrimination Policy - page 4
     Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) Statement - page 4

Section 3 - Eligibility Certifications (5 pages)
     PennEAI - page 1
     Eligibility Certifications - page 2
          Eligibility Certifications
     NCAA Eligibility Center - page 4
          First-Year, Transfer or First-Team Penn Student-Athlete
          NCAA Eligibility Center Registration
          Temporary Certifications, Initial Eligibility
          Amateurism Certification

Section 4 - Eligibility and Related Requirements (18 pages)
     Academic Policy for Intercollegiate Athletics - page 1
     University Policies and Procedures - page 8
     Playing and Practice Limits - page 8
     Intercollegiate Competition - page 12
     Competition Waivers - page 13
     Outside (non-Penn) Competition and Teams - page 15

Section 5 - Penn Athletics Student-Athlete Services (12 pages)
     Office of Academic and Student Services - page 1
     Athletic Apparel and Equipment Issuance - page 3
     Office of Athletic Communications - page 6
     Athletic Training and Medical Treatment - page 8
     Penn Sports Medicine - page 10
     Penn Athletics Mentoring Network (PAMNet) - page 11
     Sport Psychology: The Center For Sport Psychology - page 11
     Strength and Conditioning - page 12

Section 6 - Ivy League and Penn Athletic Policies (25 pages)
     Ivy League Policies - page 1
          All-Ivy Selection Criteria
          All-Ivy Certificates
     Penn Athletics Policies - page 4
          Academic/Athletic Conflicts
          Admission and Enrollment Policies and Requirements
          Awards and Varsity Letters
          Conflict Resolution Policy
          Playing Schedules
          Exit Interview
          Recruiting Activities with Student-Athletes
          Team Rules
          Tickets to Penn Athletic Events
          Penn Athletics Team Travel Policies
          Ivy League Travel Squad Limits
          Transfer Student-Athlete Policy

Section 7 - NCAA Compliance Topics (10 pages)
     Agents and a Career in Professional Athletics - page 1
     Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs - page 2
     Student-Athlete Employment - page 4
     Extra Benefits/Preferential Treatment - page 6
     Financial Aid - page 7
     Use of Student-Athlete's Name, Likeness or Image - page 8
     Modeling - page 9
     Promotional Activities - page 9
     Sport Wagering - page 10

Resource Guide (2 pages)
     Athletics Related - page 1
     Academic Related - page 1
     University Life - page 1
     Other University - page 2
     Division of Public Safety and UP Police Department - page 2

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