2006 School Days Field Trip

“Traveling to the Penn Relays...”

Come join the adventure at the 112th Penn Relays Carnival.

The year’s School Days Field Trip will highlight eight different locations around the World, featuring different track & field athletes, and learning about their culture and environment. Some of the best athletes in the world travel from locations, such as Europe, North American, and the Caribbean to compete in the Penn Relays. Each different place will have a special feature in The Daily News and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Along with the feature in the paper, during the School Days Field Trip we will be continuing this journey with “A Marathon of Learning!” at Franklin Field.

A cheer card will be handed out to all students, upon entering the gate. Each student will have the opportunity to complete the activities and answer the questions on the back of the card throughout the day. Eight tables will be setup around Franklin Field, each representing one of the locations featured in the newspaper. These tables will have information and fun facts to help children “Learn and Earn” a stamp on the back of the cheer card.

Travel around the Relays Carnival and collect all eight to win a prize!