2008 Baseball Spring Blog - 3/14/08 - Penn vs. Penn State - GAME CANCELLED

BOCA RATON – 8:12 p.m. - Batting practice was not the only thing washed out tonight at Santaluces High School. The field did not dry enough to allow safe play between Penn and Penn State tonight, resulting in the cancellation of the game. There is no makeup date as both teams have games tomorrow and Penn heads back to Philly on Sunday. Good night from Florida!

6:48 p.m. – Well the rain lasted about 15 minutes, but left a few reminders of its presence. The infield was a major puddle and the baselines were flooded as well. Thankfully, as soon as the rain stopped the sun came out for a bit and started to dry the field. The guys passed the time with a spirited game of “two-ball” – a game where players stand in a circle, each with two baseballs and pass one around to someone else. From what I can gather, when a player drops the ball or his throw hits the ground, he gets an “out”. I have no idea how someone “wins”.

Anyways, there was a pretty nice rainbow over the field behind us for a few minutes. Even some of the guys took a moment to appreciate it.

According to the grounds crew, we may be able to start at approximately 7:30 p.m. Let’s hope that’s the case.

I do have starting lineups though for your perusal. Penn is the home team tonight and is wearing its red jerseys with white pants and white hats for those out there interested in fashion.

Starting tonight for Penn:

Dan Williams – SS Steve Gable – 2B Kyle Armeny – 1B Matt Toffaletti – RF Will Davis – C William Gordon – 3B Adrian Thomas – CF Mike Mariano – DH Adrian Lorenzo – LF

SP- Todd Roth

Interesting to note that Penn sends out five freshmen in the starting lineup tonight along with four sophomores. Davis had a nice triple last night and did a good job catching Roth in Sunday’s win over Maine. Mariano has handled the bat well over his first few games off the bench and the two Adrians – Thomas and Lorenzo have proved capable in the outfield. This will be Williams’ first time in the leadoff spot.

Roth is 1-0 on the season with two starts. He went seven innings last time out to earn the win against Maine, allowing three runs and striking out nine.

For Penn State...

Brian Ernst – CF Landon Nakata – SS Rob Yodice – DH Joe Blackburn – C Cory Wine – 1B Wes Borden – 2B Rick Marlin – RF Grant Youngblood – LF Jack Greenberg – 3B

SP – Calvin Grumley

Penn State is starting a freshman lefty in Grumley who is making his first career start. He has appeared in three games so far, pitching three innings and allowing seven runs while walking five. Ernst is hitting .366 at the top of the order and leads the Nittany Lions in hits with 15. Yodice leads PSU in RBI with nine and Nakata’s two home runs lead the team.

We will be back later with updates throughout the game.

5:10 p.m. – The “passing rain” mentioned a few minutes ago has turned into a heavier flow right now ... No word on any possible delay, but the teams are rushing into the dugout and so am I. Be back later......

5:02 p.m. – Good Evening and welcome back to the 2008 Baseball Spring Blog, brought to you tonight from the “Not-So-Sunshine State”. A heavy blanket of clouds has rolled in late in the afternoon and a few momentary bouts of rain have passed through already in the hour we have been at the field.

The Quakers are taking batting practice at the moment, hoping to fire up the bats that have been dormant over the last two games. Penn has been outscored 32-2 in consecutive losses to UConn and Pitt, while managing only eight hits over the course of both games.

The Red and Blue enter tonight’s game with a 1-5 record while tonight’s opponent, Penn State, is 3-8.