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PHILADELPHIA – Good morning and welcome to Penn Athletics’ live coverage of the 2008 Keystone Classic from The Palestra. 10 teams have come together in Philadelphia for an action-packed day of wrestling across 10 weight classes.

Throughout the day, Penn Athletics will provide updates on the action via a live blog. Updates will appear at the bottom of the article and will be marked by the time of the post.

9:41 a.m. – Teams are on the mats warming up with about 20 minutes until the first bout. We have ten teams lined up for the tournament today: Penn, American, Appalchian State, Boston University, Brown, Davidson, Mercyhurst, Pittsburgh, Rider, and Virginia Military Institute.

Penn has four of the top seeds in the tournament. Rollie Peterkin (125 pounds), Cesar Grajales (149), Matt Dragon (157) and Zack Shanaman (165) all are the top-ranked grapplers in their weight class entering the event.

Other top seeds are Pitt’s Jimmy Conroy (133), Tyler Nauman (141) and Zack Sheaffer (Hwt.), American’s Mike Cannon (174) and Andrew Silber (197) and Brown’s Matt Gevelinger (174).

Some other wrestlers to watch out for across the weights are American’s Jasen Borshoff (133), Penn’s Rick Rappo (141), B.U.’s Mike Roberts (149), Rider’s Mike Kessler (157), Pitt’s Ethan Headlee (165), and Penn’s Trey McLean (Hwt.)

Expect the action to be fast and furious throughout the day. We will do our best to keep you up to date on all the happenings at The Palestra across all the teams. Updated brackets will be posted at the top of the article as they are available. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach Penn Athletics at dorman@upenn.edu.

10:30 a.m. – Wrestling is underway and the action is already fast and furious. We have had three pins in the first six matches and one bout that went to a tiebreaker. In a preliminary round match at 141, No. 2 seed Rick Rappo of Penn rode out App. State’s Mike Kessler in the third period to score a riding time point to tie the bout 6-6. Neither man scored in the sudden victory period. In the first tiebreaker, Rappo started on bottom and scored with a reversal and then a three-point near fall. Kessler could not rebound in the second tiebreaker and Rappo advances with an 11-6 win.

11:05 a.m. – We are moving through the first round matches right now. Also, we are having some technical difficulties with the brackets, but are attempting to fix that right now. No. 1-seed Cesar Grajales is on the mat now for Penn at 149 pounds, wrestling Joseph Munno of VMI. Grajales scored with a takedown 30 seconds into the bout to take a 2-0 lead. Munno escapes and both men are back on their feet. Grajales shoots in to the left leg and takes down Munno to up his lead to 4-1. After another escape from Munno, Grajales scores again going around back on the outer edge of the mat for two points and a 6-2 lead after the first period. Grajales starts the second period on bottom and quickly escapes. Also, it is a Penn-fest out here right now as five of the six mats have Red and Blue wrestlers in action. Jake Hunter, Brett McCurdy, Matt Dragon, Tom Timothy and Grajales are all competing at once. Tough time for the coaching staff trying to be in five places at once.

Anyways, Grajales leads 9-2 in the match I am focusing on as the third period begins. He adds three points with a cradle to take a 12-2 lead. Grajales finishes the match strong with a 14-3 win. Matt Dragon scored a tech fall win and Brett McCurdy is in overtime on mat 5. Neither he nor Lenny Calhoun on Mercyhurst could score in sudden victory and we are heading to tiebreakers. McCurdy starts on bottom and escapes for the point. Calhoun escapes in his tiebreaker with two seconds left to force a second sudden victory period. Neither man scores in the SV period and we are back to tiebreakers. Calhoun starts on bottom. McCurdy is able to turn him for a three-point nearfall to take a 5-2 lead heading into the final TB. McCurdy escapes and adds a takedown for an 8-2 win to advance.

12:29 – We have started the quarterfinals and at 133 pounds, Bryan Ortenzio just won in sudden victory over Rider’s Matt Bradley, 9-7. Bradley had scored a takedown late to send the match to overtime. Ortenzio was aggressive off the whistle in the extra frame, shooting for a single leg and circling around for the victory.

12:48 p.m. – Brackets have been updated and are posted as of matches completed at this time. We are moving through the quarterfinals and wrestlebacks. Right now, we are halfway through the quarters and are on our way to the first matchup of two Penn wrestlers. No.1-seed Matt Dragon and Brain Spangler are set to wrestle at 157 pounds for a berth in the semifinals.

All 10 top seeds are still alive in the tournament, but there have been a few upsets over seeded wrestlers that have thrown the brackets in disarray. Payne Lint of Mercyhurst defeated No. 3 Ben Altman of Davidson in a first-round 125-pound match. Aaron Nester upset No. 2 Rick Rappo of Penn at 141 pounds, scoring a pinfall at 0:39. Mercyhurst’s Bryan Wolff scored a pinfall win over No. 2 Sam O’Hair of Davidson at 184 in 1:48.

2:03 – Moving through wrestlebacks right now. We will have updated brackets with the semifinal matchups in a few moments.

2:37 p.m. – Still waiting to get you the updated brackets from the head table, but we have started the semifinals and the 125-pound beats feature two Penn wrestlers. Rollie Peterkin and Mark Rappo are both in action looking for spots in the championship bout.

Peterkin was taken down quickly by Rider’s Filiberto Colon, but scored a reversal to tie the match. Rappo is taking on Thomas Williams of American. Williams scored a quick takedown and was able to turn Rappo for three back points for a 5-0 lead after one period.

Peterkin chose bottom for the second period and added two points with his second reversal of the bout. Colon got out to get within one point, but Peterkin scored a takedown right before the whistle for a 6-3 lead entering the final period. With Colon on bottom for the third period, Peterkin came out riding hard and looking to tilt. He came close twice to turning him, but Colon was able fend off the score. Colon pulled off a reversal but couldn’t add any points and Peterkin advances with a 7-5 win. He will face the No. 2 seed, Williams, who defeated Rappo.

3:00 p.m. – Looking at the Penn lineup, the Quakers had eight wrestlers advance to the semifinals. Mark Rappo and Bryan Ortenzio have been eliminated and currently we are at the 141 semis. Cesar Grajales is up next for the Quakers, wrestling Mark Powell of Pitt. Grajales, the No. 1 seed at 149 has won two major decisions today – a 15-3 win over Joseph Munno of VMI and an 11-2 major over App. State’s Chip Powell.

Matt Dragon will compete in the 157 semis after two tech fall wins so far today. He defeated Pitt’s Alex Munoz, 17-0 in his first bout and in the quarters scored an 18-1 victory over teammate Brian Spangler.

Zack Shanaman has only had to wrestle one match so far to advance to the semis, defeating Antoine Jones of Appalachian State, 16-0. He meets Phil Sorrentino of Pitt in the semifinals. Sorrentino, who entered the tournament unseeded, has defeated the Nos. 4 and 5 seeds to earn his spot in the semis.

No. 3 seed Colin Hitschler will represent the Quakers in the 184-pound semifinals against No. 2 seed Sam O’Hair of Davidson. Hitschler has won two tough decisions to advance – winning his first match 7-4 over App. State’s Dennis Paiva and defeating Pitt’s Brock Mantella, 4-1, in the quarters.

Heavyweight Trey McLean rounds out Penn’s semifinalists and will compete against Rider’s Ed Bordas, the third seed. McLean, the second seed, defeated Mercyhurst’s Nathan Sharp, 19-4, in the first round and scored a 15-4 major over B.U.’s Jim Connors in the quarters.

3:15 p.m. – Cesar Grajales scored first in his 149-pound match with Mark Powell, shooting at the right leg late in the first period for the only score of the opening period. Grajales chose bottom for the second period and escaped 22 second in. Grajales had the right leg on the far edge of the mat but time expired before he could seal the takedown. Powell was able to escape with one minute left, but his shots were countered for the rest of the match and Penn now has its second finalist in Cesar Grajales. He will wrestle American’s Kyle Borshoff, the third seed, who defeated B.U.’s Mike Roberts in sudden victory.

3:25 p.m. – at 157 pounds, Matt Dragon scored a takedown early in the bout for two points on Mercyhurst’s Kevin Hardy and rode him out the rest of the period. Dragon started on bottom in the second period and reversed in the first five seconds for two points. He controlled the rest of the match, scoring a 12-1 win to advance to the finals.

3:35 – Zack Shanaman scored a takedown 35 seconds into the first period of his match with Phil Sorrentino to take a 2-0 advantage. Sorrentino then escaped but Shanaman was able to score a second takedown on the outer edge of the mat. After Sorrentino escaped again, Shanaman then scored his third takedown of the opening period for a 6-2 lead after one period. Shanaman started on bottom for the second and escape. A quick shot to the right leg resulted in a fourth takedown of the match. He had the single leg and then pulled Sorrentino back into the mat for two more points. Very aggressive handfighting from both wrestlers in the third period until Shanaman scores with another single leg with about 20 seconds left and takes a 12-4 major decision to advance to the finals.

3:55 p.m. – Sam O’Hair scored a takedown 40 seconds into his match against Penn’s Colin Hitschler and Hitshcler was able to escape seven seconds later. Hitschler added two points with a single-leg shot but O’Hair escaped quickly, almost scoring a reversal. With the score tied 3-3 after one period, Hitschler started on bottom and needed 10 seconds to escape. Neither man was able to score the remainder of the period and the match headed to the third frame with Hitschler up 4-3. O’Hair escaped 15 seconds into the third to even the match up. With the score 4-4, we head to sudden victory. Near the end of the overtime period, O’Hair lunged forward then stumbled back after bumping heads with Hitschler who appeared to have capitalized by jumping on top for two. The ref initially signaled for the points, but instead said that injury time had started and no points were awarded and we head to tiebreakers. Hitschler was close to reversing from bottom in the first tiebreaker but could not score. In the second tiebreaker, Hitschler was again on bottom and could not escape and O’Hair advances with a 5-4 win on riding time.

4:30 p.m. – The final semifinal match for Penn just started and Trey McLean is looking to advance to the final with a win over Ed Bordas. The first period ended with neither man scoring. McLean had a few good shots, but could score. McLean was able to escape quickly in the second period to put the first point of the match on the board. He gets a takedown in the second period and advances with a 3-1 win.

5:28 p.m. – The finals are set and Penn will have a hand in five of the 10 final bouts. Here is the card for the championship matches

125 pounds – No. 1 Rollie Peterkin (Penn) vs. No. 2 Thomas Williams (American)

133 pounds – No. 1 Jimmy Conroy (Pitt) vs. No. 3 Brad Gentzle (Pitt)

141 pounds – No. 1 Tyler Nauman (Pitt) vs. No. 6 Matt Mariacher (American)

149 pounds – No. 1 Cesar Grajales (Penn) vs. No. 3 Kyle Borshoff (American)

157 pounds – No. 1 Matt Dragon (Penn) vs. No. 2 Mike Kessler (Rider)

165 pounds – No. 1 Zack Shanaman (Penn) vs. No. 3 Jason Lapham (Rider)

174 pounds – No. 1 Mike Cannon (American vs. No. 2 Austin Trottman (App. St.)

184 pounds – No. 1 Matt Gevelinger (Brown) vs. No. 2 Sam O’Hair (Davidson)

197 pounds – No. 5 Matt Wilps (Pitt) vs. No. 3 John Hall (B.U.)

285 pounds – No. 1 Zac Scheaffer (Pitt) vs. No. 2 Trey McLean (Penn)

Penn also has a number of wrestlers competing in wrestlebacks. Mark Rappo will wrestle for fifth place at 125 after advancing to the semifinals. Bryan Ortenzio is still in the backdraw at 133 pounds. Zack Kemmerer will wrestle for third place at 141 pounds. Brett McCurdy is still gunning for third place and has a wrestleback coming up. Gabriel Burak is still in contention for a place at 157 pounds. Colin Hitschler moved to the wrestlebacks after losing in the semis at 184 while Dan Zander is wrestling for third at 197. Tyler Blakely will wrestle for a place at heavyweight.

Finals are expected to start at 6 p.m. We will do our best to recap each match as it happens.

6:25 – We are underway with the finals. Penn’s Rollie Peterkin and American’s Thomas Williams are starting things off in the center mat. Takedown for Peterkin with 1:54 left in the first period gets him two points. Peterkin then rides hard for the remainder of the first period, picking up nearly two minutes of riding time. Williams chooses bottom for the second period and is unable to escape as Peterkin adds to more minutes of riding time. Peterkin quickly gets out to start the third period, but Williams is still aggressive chasing him around the mat looking for the takedown. With the two grapplers locked in the center of the mat, Peterkin sweeps around for a takedown but Williams is able to reverse with 15 seconds left. Peterkin escapes for a 6-3 lead. Riding time makes it 7-3 and Penn has the first champion of the tournament as Peterkin defends his title from 2007.

6:36 – At 133, Pitt’s Jimmy Conroy is the champ after his teammate Brad Gentzle withdrew via medical forfeit.

6:45 – At 141, Tyler Nauman of Pitt and Matt Mariacher of American are going for the title. Both men feel each other out for the first half of the opening period until Mariacher scores with a double leg takedown with 1:10 left in the first and rides him out for a 2-0 lead after one. Mariacher chooses bottom for the second period and Nauman goes for a tilt immediately, but can’t complete the move and gain back points. With a minute to go in the period, Mariacher escapes. In the third, Nauman starts on bottom and gets out 20 seconds in for his first points of the match. Mariacher scores a takedown late in the third period and Nauman’s escape does him no good, giving Mariacher the title, 6-3.

6:55 p.m. – Cesar Grajales is on the mat in the title bout at 149 pounds against Kyle Borshoff of American. The two EIWA foes each take a few shots to start the bout, but neither man can score. Borshoff was close to two points on the edge of the mat, but the official ruled the two were out of bounds and we are back in the center. The first period ends with no score and we head to the second where Grajales will start on bottom. Grajales was close to an escape but the move was ruled potentially dangerous and we are back to where we started. Some good action near the edge with Grajales trying to roll through and Borshoff holding on. Grajales finally gets out with 1:06 to go in the second. Borshoff in on the left leg but Grajales evades the takedown with 35 seconds left in the period. Second period ends with Grajales up 1-0. Borshoff chooses bottom for the third period and escapes 12 seconds in and we are tied 1-1. Grajales in on the left leg and they roll out of bounds with no points awarded. Borshoff dives in with 25 to go and the two are tied up for a few seconds. Both men back on their feet. Grajales was close to a takedown at the buzzer, but the officials waved it off and we head to sudden victory. No blood in overtime and we head to tie breakers. Borshoff starts on bottom. Big lift from Grajales keeps him on top 12 seconds into the 30-second period. Grajales hangs tough for the 30 seconds and moves to bottom for the second period. He escapes immediately and Borshoff needs a takedown to win. Grajales is the one who gets the takedown, scoring with two seconds to go in the period on a single near the edge of the mat. He then pulled Borshoff back in and completed the move for the points. Penn now has its second repeat champion of the tournament.

7:10 p.m. – At 157, Penn has Matt Dragon taking on Mike Kessler of Rider. Tentative first period until Kessler is close to a go-behind takedown. Dragon gets out of trouble and we are still neutral. Some handfighting at the end of the period, but no points. Dragon chooses bottom to start the second period. He rolls through for one point on an escape 20 seconds into the period. That is the only scoring of the period and we head to the third period with Dragon ahead, 1-0. Kessler goes with neutral to start the third period. Dragon gets in on the neck with 45 to go but can’t turn it into points. Kessler is very close with time running out, but can’t connect and Matt Dragon is the 2008 Keystone Classic champion at 157 pounds. Good showing from Dragon as he allowed only three points against him in four matches.

7:20 p.m. – 165 is on the mat now and Zack Shanaman is taking on Rider’s Jason Lapham. Rider’s Lapham gets close near the scoring table but can’t score. Shanaman on the right leg near the edge of the mat and pulls in the left one for two points with 30 ticks left on the clock in the first period. Lapham quickly escapes to draw within one point and that is how the first period ends. Shanaman starts on bottom in the second period. Shanaman calls for injury time after Lapham’s attempted turn jams what appears to be is neck and shoulders. He is ready to go with 1:51 remaining in the second period. Shanaman finally works the escape with 28 seconds left in the second frame and we head to the third period with Shanaman leading, 3-1. Lapham starts the final period on bottom and almost escapes in the first five seconds but is run out of bounds. He then tries to roll through a single leg that Shanaman applies, but is caught in a nearfall that scores two points for Shanaman. With 1:14 left Lapham manages to escape bringing the score to 5-2. Lapham in on the leg but Shanaman defends and we are back to neutral. With 11 seconds to go Shanaman is close to a score on the outside but they go out of bounds. Shanaman wins the championship with a 5-2 decision.

7:35 – Mike Cannon, the top seed at 174 is lined up against Austin Trotman of Appalachian State in the finals. We have some blood time for Trotman as he is cut abover his eye. Now injury time as Trotman bangs his head and is a little wobbly. He is okay and we are back to wrestling. Trotman with a takedown for two and then Cannon escapes for a point of his own. Cannon with a takedown near the corner of the mat with about a minute left in the first period. Trotman escapes with 42 seconds left. Two more points for Cannon as he cradles the neck and whips around to lock in a takedown. Second period will start with Trotman on bottom. Stalling calls on Trotman give Cannon a point with 30 seconds to go in the second period. Cannon escapes from bottom and then grabs a takedown to extend his lead to 9-3. Trotman gets out for a point. Mike Cannon is your 2008 champion at 174 pounds with an 11-4 decision.

7:45 p.m. – Matt Gevelinger of Brown and Sam O’Hair of Davidson are underway in the 184-pound final. Lots of circling to start. Stalling warning to O’Hair with a minute to go in the first period. After the first period we are scoreless and Gevelinger will start the second period on bottom and scores with an escape then a takedown for a 3-0 lead. O’Hair escapes for a point of his own. Gevelinger back to the legs and scores two. Starting the third period O’Hair is on bottom and trailing, 5-2. He picks up an escape and is fighting for a takedown to tie the match. Takedown O’Hair with 13 seconds left to force overtime. Great waistlock roll-over to score the points. Gevelinger scores 11 seconds into sudden victory for the win, 7-5.

8:00 p.m.- Matt Wilps and John Hall are up next at 197 pounds. Hall has the left leg and pulls Wilps back towards the center to score two points with 1:35 left in the first period. Wilps escapes to get back within one. The first period ends with the score 2-1 in favor of Hall. Wilps starts on bottom for the second period. A reversal for Wilps gives him the lead with 1:42 to go in the second period. Hall escpaes to tie things up. The second period ends with the score 3-3. Hall starts the final period on bottom. Wilps rides tough, holding on looking to win with the riding time point. A last-second escape attempt from Hall doesn’t work and Matt Wilps is the 2008 champion at 197 pounds.

8:10 p.m. – Penn’s Trey McLean and Pitt’s Zac Scheaffer are the final match of the night, capping things off with the heavyweight title bout. Scheaffer with a takedown at the left edge of the mat with one minute to go in the first for the first points of the match. McLean to his feet and out with 35 seconds to go in the period. The first period ends with Scheaffer up, 2-1. Scheaffer chooses bottom to start the second and escapes 10 seconds in. A second takedown for Scheaffer ups his lead to 5-1. Scheaffer turns McLean onto his shoulders and scores the pinfall victory at 4:54 for the final title of the 2008 Keystone Classic.

Download: Keystone 2008 Final Brackets.pdf