2009 Keystone Classic Updates

PHILADELPHIA - Good morning from The Palestra, site of the 2009 Keystone Classic wrestling tournament. Penn is the defending champion of its home event and is looking to defend its crown against a compelling field of nine other schools. Six nationally-ranked wrestlers are in action today, headlined by #1 Konrad Dudziak of Duke in the heavyweight field. American has four ranked wrestlers in action, including #4 Michael Cannon at 184 pounds.

In the tournament seedings, the Quakers have three of the top seeds. Bryan Ortenzio (133), Zack Kemmerer (141) and Micah Burak (197) are all slated as the wrestlers to beat in their weights.

Penn Athletics will be providing updates throughout the day of matches taking place and refreshing the brackets as the tournament unfolds. The most recent updates will be at the end of the post.

10:15 a.m. - Reid Oshiro opens up Penn's day against the top seed at 125, Jasen Borshoff of American University. Borshoff finally works the take down with a throw at the edge of the mat about 1:28 into the first period. Oshiro gets the escape 47 seconds later, but off the restart Borshoff quickly gets two back and adds three back points, very close to the fall. Oshiro rolls out and the period ends 7-1 in favor of Borshoff. The AU wrestlers starts on bottom in the second and is up quickly. He adds two points at the 3:50 mark of the match. After the second period, Borshoff has a 10-1 lead. In the third, Oshiro escapes, but Borshoff gets back in for two quickly. Sensing the bonus points, Borshoff begins to cut Oshiro and go for more takedowns, finally getting to 15 with a go-behind with five seconds left for the 22-7 win.

Also, a pretty good ending to another match in the 125-pound weight class as Liberty's Jonathan Childress scored a late takedown with less than 10 seconds in the match to defeat Appalachian State's Brett Boston.

11:45 a.m. - The opening round just completed with pigtail matches and Penn has advanced infiveof itseight opening matches. Big noise came from Gabriel Burak who scored a pin in the second period of his match, getting the fall over Princeton's Andy Lowy. Rookie Harrison Cook also scored a fall, locking Evan Dill's shoulder to the mat in the second round. Scott Giffin (174) advanced with a major decision win over VMI's John Dommert while Troy Hernandez (149) also picked up some bonus points with an 11-2 win over App. State's Zack Mastro. Jake Hunter moved on at 157 with a win over Nathan Iseman of VMI.

Tyler Blakeley lost at heavyweight, 8-5, to American's Blake Herrin and Cory Beaver was also defeated at 184.

The quarterfinals and wrestlebacks have just begun and results will be passed on as they become available. Also working on getting the most updated brackets as well.

12:06 - 133 lbs.- Bryan Ortenzio working a 4-1 lead in the first period, riding tough on Liberty's Sean Katz. At the end of one, he brings the 4-1 lead and 1:44 of riding time into the second period which he will begin in bottom position. Ortenzio with the escape 14 seconds into the middle period. Takedown from Katz quickly reversed by Ortenzio for a 7-3 lead which stands at the end of two. Ortenzio on top for the third period and Katz is out very quickly. Ortenzio in on the right leg with 1:10 to go, works hard for 20 seconds before securing the takedown. With 3:35 of riding time, Ortenzio locks up the 10-4 win to move on to the semifinals.

12:25 p.m. At 141 - Zack Kemmerer scored the first points of his quarterfinal match againmst App. State's Chris Collura with a nice go-behind takedown. Collura works the escape off a retsart to get back to neutral. Kemmerer back to the takedown with a nice single leg completed with a leg sweep. We go neutral to start period two, and Kemmerer scores again locking in the two with a nice wasitlock near the edge of the mat. Collura gets out and Kemmerer plays some good defense on the edge of the circle to keep things neutral. The work pays off as off a restart, Kemmerer goes back on the offensive and secures two more points. He rides out to end the second period and the third starts neutral. Kemmerer gets to the leg quick, but in the scramble Collura's foot comes up and catches Kemmerer in the mouth, drawing some blood.

While the athletic training staff cleans up Kemmerer, a quick look at mat #1 shows Troy Hernandez and B.U.'s Nestor Taffur engaged in a close battle. Hernandez looked to have a chance at two, but Taffur turned the tide and scored the takedown for an early 2-0 lead. Hernandez works out and now has a single on Taffur.......and finally trips him up for the takedown with 53 seconds left in the period. Taffur escapes to tie the match at 3-3.

Back to a cleaned-up Kemmerer, he is riding tough, throwing in a few big lifts. Collura finally escapes and that is the final scoring as Kemmerer advances.

Hernandez and Taffur are still locked at 3-3, with Taffur controlling on top the whole second period so far. However, with 35 seconds left, Hernandez turns through for a reversal near the out of bounds mark to take a 5-3 lead. Taffur escapes with 15 seconds left in the period to go to the thir dperiod trailing by one. In the third, Hernandez rides the first 24 seconds tough to erase Taffur's riding time advantage for the time being. Taffur gets the escape to tie at 5-5, but Hernandez fights back for a takedown to retake the lead with just over a minute to go. Taffur gets out with 45 seconds left to climb back within one. Hernandez with good defensive wrestling in the end stages for the 7-6 win to advance.

12:45 p.m. At 165 - Gabriel Burak is now in action on Mat 4 against American's Tanner Shaffer. Burak is the #2 seed at 165. Shaffer in on a leg early and patiently works for the two points and an early lead. Shaffer is hanging heavy on the head, but Burak scrambles to his feet and scurries out for the escape point. Shaffer scores again, locking in two after both men were down on the mat. Burak gets out quickly and it's 4-2 at the end of one. Burak chooses down for the second period. About a third of the way through the period, he sits up and snaps into a reversal to tie the bout. He rides tough for the remainder of the period and we go to the third tied. Shaffer goes nuetral for the third and is quickly to the right leg, but Burak denies, shoots to the right foot and pulls in for the takedown. Burak rides out the rest of the bout and advances.

In other Penn news, Jake Hunter was eliminated from the championship bracket at 157 and Tommy Timothy was defeated at 165.

Lots of action at 174 and 184 with a few pins back-to-back. Unfortunately for Penn, one of those pins took down Harrison Cook at 184 pounds. The top seed at 184 - and the #4 wrestler in the country - Michael Cannon got the fall very early (hard to tell the time from my vantage point). Very tough matchup for Cook there with one of the most formidable wrestlers in the country.

Over on mat 3, Scott Giffin is in action against Nick Knowles of Liberty in a 174-pound quarterfinal. With 38 seconds gone in the bout, Giffin scores a takedown and locks an arm under, beginning to work for a tilt. The turn wasn't there right away, so Giffin went to work on a crossface, continuously working both sides looking for room to score more points. The back points never came, but Giffin headed into the second period with a 2-0 lead and 2:21 of riding time. Starting neutral in the second, Giffin shoots to the right leg, pulls Knowles down and scoots around for two more points at the 3:30 mark. After 30 seconds and securing riding time for the bout, Giffin releases Knowles, looking for more takedowns. Nothing doing, though, and Giffin headed to the third up 4-1. Starting on bottom, Giffin escapes in 12 seconds for the 5-1 lead. With a minute left, Giffin shoots high on the right, and patiently waits to secure the deuce and a 7-1 lead. He cuts Knowles and with 18 seconds left lands a double for the 9-2 lead. With his 3:20 in riding time, Giffin moves on with his second major decision of the day.

1:14 p.m. Top seed at 197, Micah Burak, is next up against Brandon Johnson of Liberty. In the early portions of the match, both guys are working for headlocks up top, but neither is having much success. Burak was closest to scoring, pulling on the right arm to set up a leg shot, but Johnson slipped out. Burak again with a 2-on-1 to Johnson's right arm, but no dice. Johnson back with a headlock he snaps to a double shot, but can't lock it in and they go out of bounds with 30 seconds left in the first. Burak scores with one second left on a very impressive move, getting the left leg up in the air and just pulling Johnson back into the mat and jumping down to a double. Nice show of strength from the freshman. Burak is on top to start the second and he rides hard, for the first 1:14 until Johnson escapes for a point. Burak was close on a double at the edge with a second left, but the two went out of bounds. In the third, Burak is on bottom to start and is out in five seconds to up his lead to 3-1 while not losing riding time. Johnson shoots a double, but Burak counters to a headlock with 45 seconds left. No score on that move and Burak is then in on the right leg off a restart, floating around for two points in the final 10 seconds. He advances with a 6-1 win.

2:30 p.m. Heading into the semifinals, Penn has six grapplers still alive in the championship bracket. At 133, Bryan Ortenzio will wrestle Appalachian State's Jacob Earp. At 141, Zack Kemmerer meets App. State's Mike Kessler. 149 pounds will feature fifth-seeded Troy Hernandez wrestling the top seed, Brent Jorge of Duke. Gabriel Burak is in the semis at 165, and will take on Kyle Blevins of App State. Scott Giffin has advanced to the final four at 174, and will wrestle Kyle Czamecki of Boston University. And at 197, Micah Burak will face Paul Glover of App. State. The semis have begun at 125 and Penn is coming up shortly.

3:00 p.m. In the 133 Semifinals, the first period between Ortenzio and Earp went scoreless. Ortenzio chose bottom for the second period and escaped immediately. That is the only scoring. Earp goes to the bottom for the third. He rides out for the 2-0 win and advances to wrestle Frank Celorrio of App. State in the final.

In the 141 semifinal, Kememrer and Kessler go scoreless, with lots of hand fighting but no real shots. In the second, Kessler chooses bottom. Kessler finally works the escape after 34 seconds and a few restarts. Kemmerer scores the first takedown of the match with 25 seconds left in the second period to carry a 2-1 lead and 1:05 of riding time into the third period. Starting neutral in the third, Kessler was in on the left leg for 30 seconds, but couldn't score. He gets to the right leg off the restart and at the edge of the mat can't secure the legs, going out of bounds. Kemmerer was then awarded a point for a technical violation by Kessler and went on to the 4-1 win to advance.

3:11 p.m. At 149, Troy Hernandez was taken down midway through the first period by the top seed, Brent Jorge. In the second period, Hernandez chose bottom position and had trouble getting out from under Jorge who had an answer for all of Hernandez' moves and rode out the period for a riding time advantage heading into the third. In the final period, Jorge escaped to extend his lead and took the match.

3:36 p.m - Gabriel Burak locked in two points one minute into his match with Kyle Blevins and worked hard for the tilt, ultimately pushing Blevins out of bounds. Burak rides the rest of teh period out, keeping Blevins in his grasp through a few restarts, pulling tight at the legs and locking in at the waist. Going from neutral in the second, Off a restart with a minute left in the period, Blevins shot, but a smart and patient Burak didn't panic, setting his position to pass around for two points on the takedown to give him a 4-0 lead heading into the final period. In the third, Burak scores a takedown with 42 seconds to go, and gets the first tilt of the match, securing three back points for the 10-0 win to move on to the final.

3:49 p.m. - One minute into his semifinal match, Scott Giffin shot a single to the right leg, swung around and locked up both feet for the first takedown against Kyle Czarnecki of B.U. With less than 10 seconds to go, he worked a tilt, picking up three back points as time expired for a 5-0 lead going into the second. Giffin scores again with a takedown late in the second period and a 7-0 lead going into the third. Giffin quickly escapes at the start of the third for an 8-0 lead plus riding time. A charge into a double by Giffin with 1:22 left gives him two more points. A late escape by Czarnecki affords Giffin another takedown and with riding time, he advances via a 13-1 win. He will meet top seed Austin Trotman from App. State.

4:09 p.m. - For Micah Burak, the opening half of his semifinal match with Paul Glover was a feeling out process, but he snapped into a takedown with 1:28 gone in the bout to take an early lead. With 35 seconds left, Glover is called for his second stall of the bout, giving a point to Burak. A tilt from Burak at the end of the period gave him a 6-0 lead going into the second period. In the second, the two men started neutral and went the whole period that way. Glover started the third on bottom, hoping to score points and get back in the match. Instead, it was Burak who picked up a point off another stall from Glover. 3:36 in riding time gave Burak a final point and an 8-0 win to move on to face Duke's John Barone in the final.

5:18 p.m. - Just as an update, the final consolation semifinal matches at heavyweight are finishing up. When those matches end, we will pass along the updated bracket with the finals as well as third and fifth-place matches listed. Once, the mats are moved around, we will get under way with the final round of action. Expect a full recap of the finals following the last championship bout.

5:28 p.m. - Withthe mats just about setup for the finals, here are the championship matches.

125 lbs. - #1 Jasen Borshoff (American) vs. #2 Garrett Frey (Princeton)
133 lbs. - #1 Bryan Ortenzio (Penn) vs. #2 Frank Celorrio (App. State)
141 lbs. - #1 Zack Kemmerer (Penn) vs. #2 Jordan Lipp (American)
149 lbs. - #1 Brent Jorge (Duke) vs. #3 Frank Gayeski (Liberty)
157 lbs. - #1 Steve Fittery (American) vs. #3 Shane Smith (Liberty)
165 lbs. - #1 Chad Porter (Liberty) vs. #2 Gabriel Burak (Penn)
174 lbs. - #1 Austin Trotman (App. State) vs. #2 Scott Giffin (Penn)
184 lbs. - #1 Michael Cannon (American) vs. #6 Bran Crudden (Brown)
197 lbs. - #1 Micah Burak (Penn) vs. #2 John Barone (Duke)
Hwt. - #1 Konrad Dudziak (Duke) vs. Blake Herrin (American)

The Quakers have five finalists, tied with American for most of any team. Blake Herrin of American is the only unseeded wrestler to make a final. Other Quakers still wrestling are Troy Hernandez at 149 lbs. on the fifth-place bout and Cory Beaver at 174 lbs. in the third place bout. There hasn't been an official team scores yet, but the battle appears to be between the Quakers and American for the team title. Both teams have been picking up bonus points throughout the tournament and the Kemmerer/Lipp match at 141 will be a big decider.

Download: Keystone 2009 Semi Final results.pdf