A Message From Coach King

The goal of the University of Pennsylvania and its softball program is to prepare our student-athletes to be successful and productive citizens.
The Penn athletic experience is about balancing one’s academics with a full Division I sports schedule and achieving excellence in both. Not only do Penn student-athletes excel in the classroom and playing fields, but they also contribute to the university community in a positive and productive manner.
The campus at Penn is a beautiful example of Ivy League tradition. Examples of the rich history of the school Ben Franklin founded in 1740 exist throughout campus. From Franklin Field, the oldest multi-tiered stadium in the United States, to the Fisher Fine Arts Library to College Hall, Penn exudes excellence and tradition. You will have no doubt that you are on an Ivy League campus, while, at the same time, on the edge of the vibrant and exciting city that is Philadelphia. Whether you enjoy museums, the arts or professional sports, it is all there within 20 minutes of campus. The University of Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to expand one’s life experiences.

Athletics are empowering. We at Penn Softball strive to provide a challenging yet nurturing environment where student-athletes can grow as people and learn all the life-lessons that sports teach us - self-confidence, time-management, self-discipline, conflict resolution, teamwork, etc. Together with the traditional Ivy League athletic experience, the Penn student-athlete gains the rewards of the challenging academic environment as well. Our student-athletes, whether they go to the Wharton School, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the School of Nursing or the College of Arts and Sciences, are well-rounded and well-prepared to achieve success in life.
Go Penn Softball!
Leslie King – Head Softball Coach