Al Bagnoli Press Conference Quotes (10-7-08)

Head Coach Al Bagnoli

On the offenses struggles early in games this season:

“The good news is that we won our first game and it was a league game. The bad news is that we’re still the ‘30-Minute Wonders’—especially on offense. I can’t put my finger on it, but we probably had close to 300 yards of offense just in the second half. I’m not sure exactly what’s causing all of this, but it’s taking us too long to get everything running efficiently. So it’s something that I’ve got to put my finger on and figure out what’s causing it and we’ve just got to be able to change and play 60 minutes. It’s something that’s still a concern for me.”

On the positives from the Dartmouth game:

“The second half we played very well. The kicking game has been good. Andrew Samson, our sophomore kicker, was 3-for-3 on field goals and was the Ivy League Special Teams Player of the Week. We effectively dominated statistics, particularly possessions. So we do have some bright spots along with things we need to work on.”

On the upcoming week:

“We are hitting the road to play a young Georgetown team that had to cancel its game with Colgate last week. I spoke with Kevin Kelly, their coach, and they had an intestinal flu virus on campus. They’re back up and running and we’ll be going down there for Homecoming. This is my first time there. The kids are looking forward to it, because we have a tremendous amount of alumni in the D.C. area so I think we’ll get a pretty good crowd on our side and they’ll obviously get a good crowd on their side for homecoming.”

On Georgetown:

“They run a spread and triple-option, which is a little unusual for wishbone principles. They are spread out all over the place. They’ve got some very skilled players with a very young quarterback and a very young offensive line. Really, (head coach Kevin Kelly) has done a good job recruiting and has got some playmakers.”

On concerns of playing the Hoyas:

“Schematically, we’ll have our hands full. I think there will be some issues with us being forced to control the ball, control the possession and put some points up on the board. I think most of their opponents have been able to do that and negate some of that offensive speed. Hopefully we’ll get better.”