Al Bagnoli Press Conference Quotes (11-5-08)

Al Bagnoli Press Conference Quotes (Nov. 5)

On the loss to Brown:

"Looking back against Brown, it was a very disappointing game for us. We certainly did not play at the level we were capable of playing and just did some things that were uncharacteristic of this team lately. We gave up some big plays on defense, which we haven’t been doing, and did a lousy job of protecting the ball on offense. Despite all those mistakes we lost by just a touchdown."

On some of the problems against Brown:

"Our starting quarterback went down in the second quarter with a knee injury, and he’s also our punter, so we had our third quarterback in the game. Hopefully we can build upon some of the positives and get some kids back up and running. Then we will have a great opportunity the rest of the way."

On the attention of the Princeton game:

"It’s the 100th game of the Penn-Princeton rivalry, and that’s always a big game in any circumstance. Then you throw in the fact that it’s the 100th game and that it’s a Friday night - where you have a limited market of college games on - and that you’re on a national ESPN station. I think it’s a great opportunity for our kids and the Ivy League."

On the short week of preparation:

"The short week has caused some issues. You have to re-do all your practices and back off kids to be really cognizant of their recovery time. You have to understand how to get their emotions back and be cognizant of how to get their legs back under them. We’ve had to factor all that in and hopefully what we’ve chosen will work."

On the quarterback situation:

"We’ll use a two-quarterback system, because Irvin’s shoulder is still sore. We’ve also had to move Brendan McNally, who was a quarterback who became a safety, back to quarterback."