Andrzejewski, Blechman Picked in MLL Draft

PHILADELPHIA - Major League Lacrosse held its annual draft Wednesday night in Fairfield, Conn., and a pair of Penn players were among the 51 players picked.

Senior defender D.J. Andrzejewski, who led the Quakers in scoring this year, was picked in the third round by the Boston Cannons. The Cannons won the American Conference last year with a 10-3 record and advanced to the semifinals of the MLL playoffs, after making the championship game in 2004. They are 1-1 in the 2006 season.

Senior close defender Andrew Blechman, a captain and anchor of Penn’s defense this season, was selected in the fifth round by the Long Island Lizards. The Lizards recovered from a 5-9 season last year to advance to the championship game of the MLL playoffs; this season, they are 1-1.

Led by Andrzejewski and Blechman, the Penn men’s lacrosse team went 10-4 this season and advance to the NCAA Championship for the second time in three years before falling in the first round to Johns Hopkins. The Quakers had their best season since 1988 and put together their best mark in the Ivy League (4-2) since 1989.

The entire MLL Draft is listed below.

Round 1
1 Rochester (from Chicago) - A Joe Walters (Maryland)
2 Baltimore (from Denver) - M Kyle Dixon (Virginia)
3 Chicago (from San Francisco) - A Sean Morris (UMass)
4 Baltimore (from Rochester [from LA]) - A Matt Ward (Virginia)
5 Baltimore (from Denver [from NJ]) - M Bill McGlone (Maryland)
6 Philadelphia - M Matt Zash (Duke)
7 Chicago (from Rochester) - D Michael Culver (Virginia)
8 Rochester (from Boston) - A Chris Unterstein (Hofstra)
9 Philadelphia (from Long IslandI) - M Greg Peyser (Johns Hopkins)
10 Rochester (from San Francisco [from Balt]) - D Jack Reid (UMass)

Round 2
11 Los Angeles - D D. J. Driscoll (Notre Dame)
12 Boston (from San Francisco) - M Matt Poskay (Virginia)
13 Baltimore (from Denver) - M Brendan Healy (Maryland)
14 Boston (from Chicago) - A Brett Bucktooth (Syracuse)
15 Baltimore (Compensatory pick) - M John Keysor (Hofstra)
16 Chicago (from New Jersey) - M Joe Boulukos (Cornell)
17 Denver (from LI [From Phil]) - M Geoff Snider (Denver)
18 Denver (from Rochester) - D Brett Moyer (Hofstra)
19 San Francisco (from Boston) - A Joe Yevoli (Syracuse)
20 Denver (from LI [from Phil {from LI}]) - M Casey Cittadino (Towson)
21 Denver (from Baltimore) - A Brendan Mundorf (UMBC)

Round 3
22 San Francisco (from Chicago) - D Steve Holmes (Virginia)
23 Rochester (from Denver) - M Greg Gurenlian (Penn State)
24 San Francisco - D Steven McElduff (North Carolina)
25 San Francisco (from Los Angeles) - M Kyle Dowd (Duke)
26 New Jersey - D Reyn Garnett (Georgetown)
27 Philadelphia - A Xander Ritz (Maryland)
28 Rochester - M J.J. Morrissey (Virginia)
29 Boston - M D.J. Andrzejewski (Penn)
30 Long Island - M Jake Deane (UMass)
31 Rochester (from Baltimore) - M Brian Crockett (Syracuse)

Round 4
32 Baltimore (from Los Angeles*) - G Greg Havalchak (Rutgers)
33 San Francisco - M Brad Heritage (Dartmouth)
34 Long Island (from Denver) - A Pat Walsh (Notre Dame)
35 Chicago - A Dan Flannery (Duke)
36 New Jersey - M Dave Paolisso (Georgetown)
37 Philadelphia - M Pete Cannon (Georgetown)
38 Rochester - M Nate Kenney (Syracuse)
39 Boston - A Jamie Coffin (Dartmouth)
40 Long Island - D John Orsen (Hofstra)
41 San Francisco (from Baltimore) - D Michael Abou Jaoude (Bucknell)

Round 5
42 Chicago - M Adam Goodwin (Denver)
43 Denver - D Sean McCarthy (Hofstra)
44 New Jersey (from San Francisco) - A Jason Cappadoro (Stony Brook)
45 Los Angeles - D Devon Britts (Rutgers)
46 New Jersey - A Jon Birsner (Navy)
47 Philadelphia - G Joseph Canuso (Villanova)
48 Rochester - G Alex Civalier (Nazareth)
49 Boston - M Ryan Danehy (Dartmouth)
50 Long Island - D Andrew Blechman (Penn)
51 Baltimore - G Matt Russell (Navy)

*Baltimore trades second round pick in 2007 Collegiate draft to Los Angeles for L.A.'s fourth round pick (32nd overall)