Annual Alumni Fencing Meet and Reception

Greetings to all alumni and friends of the fencing program at Penn!

The Annual Alumni Fencing Meet and Reception will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2005. We'll do the introductions at 1:00 pm and start fencing right after. There are changing facilities in the building. As in the past, the events will be held in Weightman Gymnasium on 33rd Street near the corner of South Street, with the reception following the fencing. Caution, please don't park in the lot right downstairs at 33rd and South. It's reserved, and they do tow.

We'd like everyone who can make it to come and take part. Meet the team, meet your fellow alums and friends, and enjoy the afternoon. Arrangements will be made for those who'd like stay and to go to dinner together afterwards.

If you can attend, please let me know by e-mail, phone or letter whether you will take part in the fencing, what weapon, whether you have or need equipment and what you'll need to borrow. The format of competition in each weapon will depend on the numbers who participate.

Even if you don't wish to fence, we'd still like to have you join us for this traditional annual affair.

Now, I know that Iosif's birthday is NOT on January 8. It's really on January 9, so in the tradition of Alice in Wonderland, and many families with multiple children, the reception will be in honor of IOSIF VITEBSKIY'S UN-BIRTHDAY!

Iosif has been an outstanding partner to me in his role as assistant coach and close personal friend. He is a wonderful teacher, mentor, gentleman, and friend to all who love the sport of fencing. Please come and toast Iosif on his UN-Birthday! Anyone who wishes to speak at the reception will be welcome to do so. The agenda will be informal.

Your response is requested a week ahead of time, please, for planning purposes:

ü Will you fence?

ü What weapon(s)?

ü What equipment will you need to borrow?

ü Will you attend the reception?

ü How many guests will be with you?

ü Will you stay and go to dinner afterward?

The team and I are grateful for your continued support. We welcome the opportunity to shake your hand and celebrate together.


Dave Micahnik, Head Fencing Coach

University of Pennsylvania

235 South 33rd Street

Philadelphia PA 19104-6322

Phone 215-898-6116