April Student-Athlete Compliance Tip

Defining Extra Benefits

March 26, 2003

April Student-Athlete Compliance Tip

Defining Extra Benefits
NCAA Bylaw 16

An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a booster to provide a student-athlete (or that athlete's friends or relatives) a benefit not authorized by the NCAA.

Examples of extra benefits that student-athletes may not accept from a staff member, alum, or other booster...
* Cash or loans in any amount.
* Special discounts for goods or services.
* The use of an automobile, or accepting other forms of transportation.
* Friends or relatives of a student-athlete being employed by a representative of athletics interest.
* Accepting gifts of any kind (e.g., birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day).
* Free or reduced-cost admission to professional athletic contests from professional sports organizations.
* Use of a telephone, pager, cell phone or credit card for personal reasons without charge or at a reduced rate.
* Rent-free or reduced rate housing during the academic year OR during the summer.
* Services (e.g., clothing, airline tickets, laundry, car repair, hair cuts, meals in restaurants) from commercial agencies without charge or at a reduced rate.
* A professional service without charge or at a reduced cost (typing of papers for athletes).
* Promise of financial aid for post-graduate education.
* The promise of employment after college graduation.

Remember we want you to "Help Us, Don't Hurt Us," please contact Elton Cochran-Fikes, compliance coordinator at 215/898-6241 to inquire if a benefit you wish to give a prospective or enrolled student-athlete is permissible.