Ariffin, Trikha, and Fehm capture Doubles Titles

Women's doubles draw

Mixed doubles draw

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Playing at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia served as a home away from home this past weekend for women's squash as Penn put three pairings in the Intercollegiate Doubles Championships. The Quakers captured the women's title when captains Nabilla Ariffin and Pia Trikha completed a perfect 3-0 weekend in route to the women's doubles championship. Colleen Fehm teamed up with men's player Trevor McGuinness to capture the mixed doubles title and Penn made it a clean sweep in the Intercollegiate Doubles Championships when McGuinness teamed up with Thomas Mattsson to take the men's doubles championships.

Penn entered three pairings into the women's draw, including two seeded duos. The top-seeded Ariffin and Trikha dropped their only game of the weekend in the first game of their quarterfinal match in by a tight 15-14 margin. Down a game, Ariffin and Trikha rebounded to take each of the next three, 15-9, 15-8, and 15-11 to make their way into the semifinals.

Rachael Goh and Stephanie Vogel came into the tournament seeded fourth overall and also made the semifinals with a strong opening round performance. After going up two quick games with 15-8 and 15-9 wins, the duo cruised in the clinching game, 15-2.

A pair of freshmen, Colleen Fehm and Lindsay Wong also represented Penn this weekend at the doubles championships. However, it would be a team of Nessrine Ariffin (Nabilla's sister) and Samantha Matos from Bates that would give the freshmen pairing trouble. Fehm and Wong played every single game tight and would come back to tie the match at one game each with a 15-13 win in the second, but three 15-12 game wins would knock the young pairing out of the tournament.

In the semifinals, Penn's two remaining pairings of Ariffin/Trikha and Goh/Vogel would meet a round earlier than they would have liked. In that matchup, Ariffin and Trikha earned a pair of hard-fought games in the first and third, 15-11, to go along with a 15-7 second game win to move onto the finals.

In the finals, Penn's Ariffin/Trikha would make it a family affair when they met up with Nabilla's sibling pairing. The older Ariffin, Nabilla, and her partner Trikha would squeeze out a 15-13 win in the first game and allow just nine points in the final two games, winning 15-7 and 15-2 in the second and third games to capture the championship.

In the mixed doubles portion of the draw, Penn would enter with another top-seeded pairing in Fehm and McGuinness. That pairing would receive a bye to the semifinal round and join Wong and the men's Daniel Judd in that round. Playing the best of three games in the mixed doubles, Wong and Judd made quick time in their quarterfinal match, winning 15-8 and 15-6 to advance.

The final Penn pairing in the mixed doubles was another pair of freshmen in Lyles Swift-Farley and Michael Mutscheller. The freshmen pairing would get out in front early with a 15-8 win in the first game, but two close games in the second and third, 15-11 and 15-10, would knock out the young pairing.

In the semifinals, both of the matches involving Penn pairings ended with 15-4, 15-7 scores, but it would be a split for Penn in the win/loss column. Fehm and McGuinness came out on top in their semifinal, but Wong and Judd came out on the wrong side of the decision this time after their quarterfinal victory.

In the finals, McGuinness just continued to add to his impressive doubles resume as he and Fehm took home the championship with a two-game victory. The duo jumped out early with a 15-11 win in the first game before sealing the championship with a 15-14 edging over the second seeds in the tournament.

After getting some early season action in on the doubles court, Penn will get into traditional college singles format when they take part in the Ivy League scrimmages November 12 and 13. The first team match of the season will be November 30 when they take on Drexel.

Full Penn Results

Women's doubles

(1) Nabilla Ariffin/Pia Trikha def. Shaheen Madraswala / Randima Ranaweera (Mount Holyoke), 14-15, 15-9, 15-8, 15-11
(4) Rachael Goh/Stephanie Vogel def. Elizabeth Chu/Alisha Maity (Columbia), 15-8, 15-9, 15-2
Nessrine Ariffin/Samantha Matos (Bates) def. Colleen Fehm/Lindsay Wong, 15-12, 13-15, 15-12, 15-12

(1) Nabilla Ariffin/Pia Trikha def. (4) Rachael Goh Stephanie Vogel, 15-11, 15-7, 15-11

(1) Nabilla Ariffin/Pia Trikha def. Nessrine Ariffin/Samantha Matos (Bates), 15-13, 15-7, 15-2

Mixed Doubles

(1) Colleen Fehm/Trevor McGuinness, bye
Lindsay Wong/Daniel Judd def. Ashley Brooks/Michael Shrubb, 15-8, 15-6
Katie Wymard/Marcus Bullen def. Lyles Swift-Farley/Michael Mutscheller, 8-15, 15-11, 15-10

(1) Colleen Fehm/Trevor McGuinness def. Katie Wymard/Marcus Bullen, 15-4, 15-7
(2) Pamela Hathway/Reinhold Hergeth def. Lindsay Wong/Daniel Judd, 15-4, 15-7

(1) Colleen Fehm/Trevor McGuinness def. (2) Pamela Hathway/Reinhold Hergeth, 15-11, 15-14