Athlete's Tip of the Month - October

The Student-Athlete's Role in Recruiting

Oct. 8, 2002

NCAA Bylaw 13.02.5

As a current student-athlete, you can play an important role in recruiting by providing valuable information for prospective student-athletes about your campus and the athletics and academic experience at your institution. That said, the NCAA carefully defines the conditions under which prospective student-athletes may be recruited by enrolled student-athletes. If you are asked by your coach, or any other member of the athletics department staff, to host a prospective student-athlete it is imperative that you follow the recruiting rules. Following are basic recruiting rules that you should review if you are asked to be a student host or to assist in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete.

What is a "Prospective Student-Athlete"?
A "prospect" is a student in the ninth grade or above, including students in junior colleges and individuals who have officially withdrawn from four-year schools. A student becomes a prospective student-athlete when any of the following occurs:

S/he is provided transportation to visit your campus. A coach or staff member initiates a telephone contact with the prospect or family member on more than one occasion for the purpose of recruitment; or A coach visits the prospect or prospect's parents off-campus for the purpose of recruitment.

Enrolled Student-Athletes As Recruiters

Off-campus, in person contacts between enrolled student-athletes and a prospect are permissible as long as such contacts are incidental and do not occur at the direction of a coaching staff member. An institution may not provide an enrolled student-athlete with transportation or expenses to recruit a prospect except for those permitted when the student-athlete serves as the student host. A current student-athlete may write letters or send e-mails to prospects after September 1 of the prospect's junior year, provided that it is not done at the direction or expense of the institution. Student-athletes cannot make telephone calls to prospects if the calls are made at the direction of a coaching staff member or financed by the institution or its boosters.

Official Visits
An official visit by a prospect to the campus is a visit financed by the university. Please note the following rules:

An institution may finance only one visit per prospect to its campus. A prospect may take a maximum of five expense-paid visits, regardless of the number of sports in which the prospect participates. An expense-paid visit may not be earlier than the opening day of a prospect's senior year in high school. A person who is not a qualifier and who is enrolled during the first year of a two-year college may not be provided an expense-paid visit. An official visit shall not exceed 48 hours beginning at the time a prospect arrives on campus and ending when the prospect leaves campus. A prospect may be provided lodging and meals just like regular students. Local hotels and restaurants may be used but at a scale comparable to that of a normal student life and only within a 30-mile radius of campus. Entertainment for the prospect and his or her parents (or legal guardians) or spouse may be provided if it is not excessive and within a 30-mile radius of campus. It is not permissible to entertain other relatives or friends of the prospect at any time. Complimentary admissions to a campus athletic event may be provided to the prospect and his or her parents (or legal guardian) or spouse through a pass list. These admissions must be located in the general seating area. Seats in the press box, special seating boxes, or bench area are prohibited. It is not permissible for the institution to provide cash to the prospect for entertainment purposes.

Student Hosts

A student host may be provided a maximum of $30 for each day of a prospect's official visit to cover the actual costs of entertaining the prospect. The entertainment money shall not be used to purchase souvenirs (i.e., t-shirts, hats, etc.) A student host may be provided with an additional $15 per day for each additional prospect s/he entertains. A student host may be provided a complimentary admission to accompany a prospect to a campus athletic event. Several students may host a prospect, but the institution may only provide one student entertainment money. The other student hosts shall pay for their own entertainment and meals. The institution, coach, or any booster may not provide a car for use by a prospect or student host. One meal may be held for a prospect on an official visit at the home of an institutional staff member. Entertainment on an official visit is limited to the prospect, the prospect's parents (or legal guardians), or the prospects spouse.

A prospect, the prospect's parents and his or her spouse may be entertained at a scale comparable to that of a normal student life only on campus or within a 30-mile radius of campus on an official visit. It is not permissible to entertain other relatives or friends of the prospect at any site.

Unofficial Visit
An unofficial visit to a member institution's campus is made at the prospect's expense. The provision of any expenses beyond complimentary admissions to a campus athletic event would require the visit to become an official visit.