Baseball Takes On Rollins: Live Blog

WINTER PARK, Fla - The Quakers seek to end their three game losing streak when they match up with host Rollins College at noon today.

Hello and welcome back for game number five on the season. The Quakers are in their Blue uniforms with gray pants today and will act as the home team this afternoon. Audio and live stats are available for the game today. Sophomore Chris McNulty will be making the start. The southpaw has pitched 1.2 innings this season with two strikeouts and one earned run. Once again if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to email me at


Live Stats:

Penn (1-3):
Grandieri - RF
Pastor - CF
Gordon - 2B
Branigan - 1B
Davis - DH
Williams - 3B
Mraz - LF
Vigoa - SS
Saunders - C
McNulty - P (LHP)

Rollins (14-7):
Yount - SS
Ferguson - CF
Brunetti - LF
Maber - DH
Luker - 3B
Manning - RF
Betcheman - 1B
Hewett - C
Band - 2B
Krasne - P (RHP)

11:50 A few statistical notes, Spencer Branigan and James Mraz lead the team with a .500 average, while Branigan has a team-high eight RBI. As a team, the Quakers are hitting .329 over their first four games.

Top First: Fly ball to centerfield which Pastor takes care of with little difficulty. Vigoa fields the ball going to his left but his throw is in the dirt and Branigan can't get a handle on it. Rollins 2-0 Brunetti takes the McNulty offering and sends it over the right field wall for a two-run shot. Branigan takes care of a fly in the infield. McNulty gets the swinging strikeout for the third out.

Bottom First: The left fielder takes two steps in before realizing the ball was going to go over his head, as Grandieri scoots into second with a double. Pastor fouls off a 3-2 pitch before drawing the walk, with Gordon coming up to the plate. Gordon takes the four pitch walk to load the bases with no outs. Penn doing a good job of being patient thus far today. Branigan can't get the bat off his shoulder as he takes the third strike looking. Davis goes down looking as well on a 2-2 off speed pitch, as Krasne looks like he might get out of this jam. Williams up now. Williams grounds out to the shortsop as the Quakers can't get anything with the bases loaded.

Top Second: Rollins 3-0 Manning leads off the inning with a solo home run to right. Vigoa takes care of a bouncing grounder to short, and Williams fields a ball at third and throws to first for outs one and two. Strikeout by McNulty on three pitches to end the inning.

Bottom Second: Rollins 3-1 James Mraz goes deep for the first time this year, hitting it over the left field wall. Vigoa then doubles on the first pitch he sees. A walk by Saunders puts two on with no out. Rollins 3-2 Grandieri hits one through the right side scoring Vigoa from second. Pastor executes a perfect sacrifice bunt down the third base line, advancing the runners to second and third. Gordon earns a free pass to load the bases from Branigan for the second time today, this time with one out. Branigan strikes out swinging, two down. Davis hits the first pitch he sees on a rope, but the second baseman climbs the latter to make the acrobatic catch to end the inning.

Top Third: Grandieir takes care of the fly ball for the first out of the inning. First pitch swinging, Ferguson pops up to Vigoa. Mraz coralled the fly in right for the final out as McNulty threw just six pitches in the inning.

Bottom Third: Williams up first as Penn looks to put more pressure on Krasne. On cue, Williams doubles down the left field line. Mraz gets hit in the shoulder and goes on down to first. Luker at third jumps to catch the grounds and lands next to third, where he touches the bag and fires onto first for the double play. Saunders takes the left fielder to the warning track but got a little under the ball as the catch is made at the wall.

Top Fourth: Mager leads off the inning by driving a 1-2 pitch to the centerfield wall for a double. Rollins 4-2 A single up the middle scores Mager. Vigoa knocks down a grounder but has trouble handling it as Penn only is able to get the force at second. Rollins works the hit and run to perfection, as Betcherman puts it through the right side and moves the runner to third. Rollins 5-2 Rollins sends the runners again as a hit to Williams at third nets one out with Betchman moves to third on the throw to first. McNulty issues the five pitch walk. Pastor covers some ground in center before making the catch for the final out.

Bottom Fourth: Ground ball by Grandieri to the second baseman for the first out. Pastor takes the 2-2 pitch on the hand and is awarded first. Gordon rakes a ball through the left side. Pastor took a big lead around second, saw the left fielder bobble the ball and slid into third with the heads up baserunning. Rollins 5-3 Branigan hits it to center for a sacrifice fly, scoring Pastor. Misplayed ball by the third baseman as Davis reaches on the play. Krasne sees his day to come to an end on the play. Pitching now is Garrett Yount, a 6-8 righthander from Silvis, Ill. Williams earns a walk to load the bases for James Mraz. Mraz flies out to center to end the inning. McNulty back for the top of the fifth.

Top Fifth: Ferguson hits a single into centerfield to lead things off. Grandieri takes care of a fly ball in right for the first out. Williams feilds the grounder cleanly and fires to Gordon who sends it on to first for the double play.

Bottom Fifth: Flyout by Vigoa. Strikeout by Saunders. Singles by Grandieri and Pastor to get on first and second. A strikeout by Gordon ends the inning.

Top Sixth: McNulty back out to pitch. Luker hits the first pitch he sees to the right field wall for a double. Short fly to center as Pastor is unable to find it in the sun and it drops in for a hit. Rollins 6-3 Betcherman puts down the sacrifice bunt, scoring the runner from third. Vigoa makes the nice play behind third in foul territory for the second out. McNulty his the batter right under the armpit and sees his day come to an end. Senior Todd Roth now into pitch. Rollins 7-3 Single up the middle scores one. Grandieri fields a fly in right for the final out.

Bottom Sixth: Branigan strikes out again. Davis sent down as well. Williams singles for his second hit of the afternoon. Mraz takes a rip and the ball goes off Yount on the mound and finds its way to the first baseman who makes the play. Quite unforunate for Penn as they can't seem to get a break.

Top Seventh: Jeremy Maas into make his season debut. Maas missed all of last year on the mound following Tommy John Surgury. Fielding error by Vigoa allows the leadoff man to reach. Vigoa with another fielding error going to his left his time. Runners on first and second. Conference on the mound with coach Cole and the entire infield. Flyout to Grandieri for the first out. On a 3-2 pitch, Maas hits Manning to load the bases. Rollins 8-3 Walk on a 3-2 pitches brings a runner around. Gordon makes a nice stab on a short hop, tosses to Vigoa who goes to first for the double play.

Bottom Seventh: Quakers looking to get some runs in this inning. Vigoa gets the first out, Saunders singles down the left field line. Grandieri stirkes out. Pastor flies out to center to end the inning.

Top Eighth: Trey Jennings in to pitch for Penn. Is his first appearance he struck out two with no runs allowed in one inning. Gordon makes a good fielding play going to his right to rob the batter of a hit and then got on his knees to throw him out at first. Yount walks and then steals second. Rollins 9-3 A double to the centerfield wall scores one. Ground out to second moves Ferguson over to third. Jennings walks his second of the inning. Rollins 10-3 Single over the head of Vigoa scores another. Jennings called for a balk, allowing the runners to advance to second and third. Jennings having some control issues here, hitting batter after getting him down 0-2. The sophomore has gotten ahead of most the batters he has faced, but hasn't been able to close it out. A grounder to Williams and subsequent tag of third ends the inning.

Bottom Eighth: Gordon goes down looking for the first out. Branigan issued a five pitch walk. Davis flies out to right center. Williams flies out to left field to end the inning.

Top Ninth: Patrick Brennan now in to pitch for Penn. Vigoa calls off Williams on a pop up behind third base, one out. Liner out to Grandieri makes it two down. Gordon finishes off the perfect inning for Brennan by making the play on a grounder to short.

Bottom Ninth: Matt Tellem, pinch hitting, grounds out to the third baseman. Steve Gable in to pinch hit and knocks a double down the left field line past the third baseman. Lorenzo gets out to end the game.

Penn banged out 11 hits in the game but falls 10-3 to Rollins. Check later for a full recap.