Cobb and Bethea Bring Home Titles for Wrestling at Keystone

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Sophomore C.J. Cobb enjoyed his first taste of wrestling in his home gym, winning four bouts to claim the championship at 141 pounds at the Keystone Classic. Teammate Canaan Bethea joined Cobb in the winner's spot, going from unseeded to champion at 184 pounds. Penn had three finalists, astop-seeded Mark Rappo fell in overtimein the 125-pound final.

As a team, the Quakersplaced six wrestlers in the semifinal round and finishedthe day secondin the standingsbehind onlyNorthwestern.

A relatively unknown -- he wrestled just eight times in 2011-12 before suffering an injury -- Cobbis making strides to join the discussion of top 141-pounders in the EIWA after running from the No. 5 seed to the title. The big win, undoubtedly, was his 4-0 defeat of top-seeded Steven Keith (Harvard) in the semifinals. Ranked 13th in the country, Keith had bested Cobb three times in a row earlier in their careers, including a one-point defeat last weekend at the Binghamton Open. Cobb got the edge in the semis on his home mats, however, building a 4-0 lead through two periods and earning the shutout. In the final, Cobb defeated seventh-seeded Jameson Oster (Northwestern), 3-1, in sudden victory. Both men were aggressive throughout the match, Cobb finally finishing a scramble midway through overtime for the win.

Bethea went through three tough matches to get the title at 184. After a major decision to start the day, Bethea took down second-seeded Ophir Bernstein (Brown), 6-4, in sudden victory. In the semifinals, Bethea avenged a tiebreaker loss to Clint Morrison (Rider) last week at Binghamton with a 3-2 win in a tiebreaker. The final saw Bethea down Harvard's No. 4 seed, Cameron Croy, 3-1, in sudden victory via a takedown on the edge right in front of the Harvard bench.

Penn's third finalist, Rappo, won his first match inmore than18 months in convincing fashion, 20-5, and moved on to the final via a 5-4 decision over Bloomsburg's Sean Boylan and a 9-3 decision over Brown's Billy Waterson. In the final, sixth-seeded Dominick Malone (Northwestern) scored first, but Rappo came back to tie the match and force overtime. The two engaged in a scramble 20 seconds into sudden victory, a position deemed in control by Malone for a disappointing end to Rappo's return.

Ian Korb advanced to the semifinals at 174 pounds before finishing fourth. The highlight of his day was a win in the quarterfinals over Giussepi Lanzi of Brown, 11-10. Korb got caught on his back midway through the first period and was quickly down, 7-1, before rallying to win the match on riding time in a high-scoring tilt.

Heavyweight Kyle Cowan was fourth in his first tournament since the 2011 EIWAs, going 4-2 on the day including a fall. Andrew Lenzi finished fifth at 149 pounds, reaching the semifinals and finishing his day with a 13-7 win over Northwestern's Dylan Marriott in the fifth-place match.

Casey Kent finished sixth at 165 pounds, going 3-1 in the championship bracket with two major decisions and a technical fall before a loss to top-seeded and national No. 14 Pierce Harger of Northwestern in the semis.

The Quakers will head to Stillwater Okla. For a dual with No. 3 Oklahoma State on Nov. 25 to open the dual portion of the 2012-13 season.

(All Rankings are Seed at Keystone Classic)

125 - #1 Mark Rappo
1st Round: Bye
2nd Round: Def. Patrick Skinner (Rider), 20-5 (3:37)
Quarterfinals: Def. Sean Boylan (Bloomsburg), 5-4
Semifinals: Def. #4 Billy Waterson (Brown), 9-3
Final: Lost to #6 Domenic Malone (Northwestern), 4-6 SV

133 - Geoffrey Bostany
1st Round: Def. Daniel Flowers (Brown), 7-0
2nd Round: Lost to #1 Levi Mele (Northwestern), Fall 0:59
Consolation 3rd Round: Def. Jeff Canfora (Penn), 6-0
Consolation Quarters: Lost to #5 Brandon Gambucci (Duke), Fall 0:54

133 - Jeff Canfora
1st Round: Def. Andriy Onufrienko (VMI), 13-4
2nd Round: Lost to #3 Garrett Frey (Princeton), Fall 6:49
Consolation 1st Round: Def. Corey Borshoff (American), 19-4 (7:00)
Consolation 2nd Round: Def. Christian Martino (Brown), 8-3
Consolation 3rd Round: Lost to Geoffrey Bostany (Penn), 0-6

133 - Eric Friedman
1st Round: Lost to Andy Lyman (Bloomsburg), 2-5
Consolation 2nd Round: Lost to Anthony Finocchiaro (Brown), Fall 5:15

141 - #5 C.J. Cobb
1st Round: Bye
2nd Round: Def. Zachary Tannenbaum (Brown), 14-4
Quarterfinals: Def. #4 Vinny Fava (Rider), 10-3
Semifinals: Def. #1 Steven Keith (Harvard), 4-0
Final: Def. #7 Jameson Oster (Northwestern), 4-2 SV

141 - A.J. Murabito
1st Round: Def. Emmitt Kelly (VMI), 10-8
2nd Round: Lost to Tyler Scotton (Boston U.), 0-19 (5:15)
Consolation 1st Round: Lost to Patrick Hogan (Harvard), 1-9

141 - Eric DeVos
1st Round: Bye
2nd Round: Lost to #7 Jameson Oster (Northwestern), Fall 3:12
Consolation 1st Round: Def. William Johnson (App. State), 10-8
Consolation 2nd Round: Def. Gabe LaVey (N.C. State), 7-2
Consolation 3rd Round: Lost to #4 Vinny Fava (Rider), 2-3

149 - #5 Andrew Lenzi
1st Round: Bye
2nd Round: Def. Alex Gregory (Indiana), 4-2
Quarterfinals: Def. #4 Curt Delia (Rider), 7-6
Semifinals: Lost to #1 Kevin Tao (American), Fall 4:56
Consolation Semifinals: Lost to #3 Marcus Cain (Duke), 3-5 (TB 2)
Fifth-Place Match: Def. #6 Dylan Marriott (Northwestern), 13-7

149 - Charlie Lynch
1st Round: Lost to Zeb Stewart (VMI), 3-5
Consolation 1st Round: Def. Riley Keen (App. State), 15-5
Consolation 2nd Round: Def. Peter Ishiguro (Boston U.), Fall 1:31
Consolation 3rd Round: Lost to #3 Marcus Cain (Duke), 5-7

149 - Brooks Martino
1st Round: Def. Dillon Rocha (Cal Poly), Fall 2:39
2nd Round: Def. Riley Keen (App. State), 8-0
Quarterfinals: Lost to #1 Kevin Tao (American), 2-10
Consolation 3rd Round: Def. Joe Rendazzo (Indiana), 4-3
Consolation Quarters: Lost to #4 Curt Delia (Rider), 5-10

149 - Jordan Michelson
1st Round: Lost to Joe Rendazzo (Indiana), 3-6
Consolation 1st Round: Def. Alex Gregory (Indiana), 2-0
Consolation 2nd Round: Lost to Colin Saunders (Boston U.), 3-5

157 - Ray Bethea
1st Round: Def. Kyle Koddy (Princeton), 4-2
2nd Round: Lost to #5 Zac Cibula (Rider), 3-7
Consolation 1st Round: Def. Zach Brown (American), 9-3
Consolation 2nd Round: Def. Mardel Gabriel (N.C. State), Fall 2:08
Consolation 3rd Round: Def. Mark Cirello (American), 5-4
Consolation Quarters: Lost to #6 Steve Robertson (Penn), 0-6

157 - #6 Steve Robertson
1st Round: Bye
2nd Round: Def. Kyle Chene (Cal Poly), 7-3
Quarterfinals: Lost to #3 Taylor Walsh (Indiana), 6-14
Consolation 3rd Round: Def. Nick Tourville (Boston U.), 8-4
Consolation Quarters: Def. Ray Bethea (Penn), 6-0
Consolation Semis: Lost to #4 Netsor Taffur (Boston U.), 5-9
Fifth-Place Match: Lost to #3 Taylor Walsh (Indiana), Fall 6:34

165 - #5 Casey Kent
1st Round: Def. Mark Darr (VMI), 11-2
2nd Round: Def. Andrew Maksimovic (Boston U.), 17-0 (3:00)
Quarterfinals: Def. #4 Phillip Barreiro (American), 9-1
Semifinals: Lost to #1 Pierce Harger (Northwestern), Fall 6:55
Consolation Semifinals: Lost to #2 Ryan LeBlanc (Indiana), 3-11
Fifth-Place Match: Lost to #7 Nigel Jones (N.C. State), Fall 2:01

165 - Brad Wukie
1st Round: Def. Marcos Peralta (American), 8-5
2nd Round: Lost to #6 Zachary Strickland (App. State), 0-8
Consolation 1st Round: Def. Mark Darr (VMI), 11-2

174 - #3 Ian Korb
1st Round: Bye
2nd Round: Def. Patrick Davis (N.C. State), 5-4
Quarterfinals: Def. #6 Giuseppi Lanzi (Brown), 11-10
Semifinals: Lost to #2 James Brundage (Rider), 3-7
Consolation Semis: Def. #5 Kiethan Cast (American), 12-3
Third-Place Match: Lost to #4 Kyle Czarnecki (Boston U.), 2-7

174 - Harrison Cook
1st Round: Bye
2nd Round: Lost to #4 Kyle Czarnecki (Boston U.), 1-3
Consolation 2nd Round: Def. Cheny Dale (Indiana), Fall 2:15
Consolation 3rd Round: Def. Richard McDaniel (Brown), 4-1
Consolation Quarters: Lost to Collin Hedash (App. State), Fall 3:42

184 - Canaan Bethea
1st Round: Def. Jon Hartley (App. State), 10-2
Quarterfinals: Def. #2 Ophir Bernstein (Brown), 6-4 (SV)
Semifinals: Def. #3 Clint Morrison (Rider), 3-2 (TB 2)
Final: Def. #4 Cameron Croy (Harvard), 3-1 (SV)

184 - Mike Steltenkamp
1st Round: Lost to #4 Cameron Croy (Harvard), 1-10
Consolation 1st Round: Lost to Andre Petroski (Bloomsburg), 2-11

285 - Kyle Cowan
1st Round: Def. Brendan Walsh (Duke), 6-3
Quarterfinals: Lost to #3 Blake Herrin (American), 1-3
Consolation 2nd Round: Def. Marcos Aranda (Brown), 8-2
Consolation Quarters: Def. Joe Cummings (App. State), Fall 5:36
Consolation Semis: Def. #4 Atticus Disney (Cal Poly), 6-4
Third-Place Match: Lost to #3 Blake Herrin (American), 1-3

285 - Anthony DiLonardo
1st Round: Lost to David Ng (Harvard), 2-3
Consolation 1st Round: Lost to Travis Morgan (App. State), 1-3 (SV)

285 - Steven Graziano
1st Round: Def. #5 Juan Adams (VMI), 6-4
Quarterfinals: Lost to #4 Atticus Disney (Cal Poly), 2-5
Consolation 2nd Round: Def. Brendan Walsh (Duke), 4-2
Consolation Quarterfinals: Lost to Greg Velasco (Rider), Fall 2:40

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