Cobb Claims Crown at Bearcat Open

BINGHAMTON – The University of Pennsylvania wrestling team opened its 2015-16 season at the Kaloust Bearcat Open at Binghamton University, and No. 8 C.J. Cobb started his season in fine fashion with a championship at 149 pounds.

Penn sent Cobb and No. 10 Lorenzo Thomas to the finals, and Cobb scored the crown with a 7-4 win over Lehigh’s Laike Gardner. After a scoreless first period, Cobb broke the match open with a pair of double leg takedowns in the second period. He would ice the match with a takedown in the final 0:30 of the third period.

Thomas once again ran into his nemesis, No. 1 Gabe Dean of Cornell. The defending national champion broke open the match with a takedown and four backpoints in the second period for an 8-1 lead after two periods. In the third, Dean scored two more takedowns for a 14-4 win.

The Quakers had eight wrestlers reach the quarterfinals and six make it to the semifinals. No. 17 Caleb Richardson was downed in the quarters at 133 by No. 4 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell), 4-1. Sophomore Joe Heyob was also knocked out in the quarters, falling to Dean at 184 pounds.

Brooks Martino, Casey Kent, Frank Mattiace, and Patrik Garren each had their championship bracket runs end in the semifinals.

125 – Jeremy Schwartz
First Round: lost to Steven Bulzomi (Binghamton), 9-4
Consolation First Round: def. Edgar Garcia (F&M), 9-3
Consolation Second Round: def. Andrew Roden (Cortland), Forfeit
Consolation Third Round: lost to Brant Leadbetter (Navy), 9-6

133 - #17 Caleb Richardson
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Patrick Mayolo (Army West Point), FALL 4:39
Third Round: def. Scott Stevens (F&M), 5-2
Quarterfinals: lost to #4 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell), 4-1

141 – Marc Mastropietro
First Round: def. Jordan Reich (Princeton), 10-2
Second Round: lost to #13 Todd Preston (Harvard), 5-4 (TB)
Consolation Second Round: def. Watna Cunha (Johnson & Wales), 22-5
Consolation Third Round: lost to William Koll (Cornell), 16-1

141 – A.J. Vindici
First Round: lost to Dylan Caruana (Binghamton), 9-5
Consolation First Round: def. Spencer Rich (Army Prep), 7-6
Consolation Second Round: def. Austin Hulse (Sacred Heart), 8-1
Consolation Third Round: def. Chris Schoenerr (Finger Lakes), 6-0
Consolation Fourth Round: lost to Dylan Realbuto (Cornell), 5-1

141 – Eric Friedman
First Round: def. William Povolac (Rutgers), 6-5
Second Round: lost to #14 Randy Cruz (Lehigh), 11-3
Consolation Second Round: lost to Dominic Giannangelli (Penn State), 3-1

149 - #8 C.J. Cobb – Champion
First Round: def. Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart), FALL 4:13
Second Round: def. Jason Bing (F&M), 15-4
Third Round: def. Lincoln Mallinger (Army West Point), FALL 2:01
Quarterfinals: def. Casey Cowan (Navy), FALL 4:29
Semifinals: def. Ken Theobold (Rutgers), 3-2
Final: def. Laike Gardner (Lehigh), 7-4

149: A.J. Murabito
First Round: def. Brandon Diaz (Lehigh), 18-0
Second Round: lost to Taylor Simaz (Cornell), 13-1

157 – May Bethea
First Round: def. Rodney Hahn (Navy), 18-8
Second Round: def. John Van Brill (Rutgers), 9-4
Third Round: lost to Ian Brown (Lehigh), 9-2
Consolation Fourth Round: lost to Jahlani Callendar (Hofstra), 5-2

157 – Brooks Martino
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Colby Knight (Harvard), FALL 3:27
Third Round: def. Isaiah Hockit (Drexel), 6-0
Quarterfinals: def. Drew Daniels (Navy), 4-3 (TB2)
Semifinals: lost to Chris Dowdy (Cornell), 9-4

157 – Joe Oliva
First Round: lost to Nigel Ruiz (Army Prep), 5-4
Consolation First Round: def. Jonathon Carrera (Navy), 4-3
Consolation Second Round: lost to Jahlani Callendar (Hofstra), 7-3

165 – Ray Bethea
First Round: def. Michael Falcon (Brockport St.), 10-7
Second Round: def. Dan McDevitt (Penn), 4-3
Third Round: Medical Forfeit

165 – Joe Velliquette
First Round: lost to Cody Cordes (Lock Haven), 8-2
Consolation First Round: def. Christopher Hunter (AIC), 13-0
Consolation Second Round: lost to Dan McDevitt (Penn), FALL 2:55

174 – Casey Kent
First Round: def. Drew Garcia (Cornell), 4-0
Second Round: Bye
Third Round: def. Josef Johnson (Harvard), 7-4
Quarterfinals: def. Ben Haas (Lehigh), 4-2
Semifinals: lost to Jonathan Schleifer (Princeton), 4-3

184 – Joe Heyob
First Round: def. Christopher Morgan (Army Prep), 9-8
Second Round: def. Anthony Mancini (F&M), 3-0
Third Round: def. Kellan Stout (Penn State), 5-4
Quarterfinals: lost to #1 Gabe Dean (Cornell), 21-4

184 - #10 Lorenzo Thomas – Second Place
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Jaron Smith (Maryland), 13-3
Third Round: def. Robert Mainer (Navy), 9-0
Quarterfinals: def. Alex Deciantis (Drexel), FALL 1:41
Semifinals: def. #18 Mat Miller (Navy), 8-6
Final: lost to #1 Gabe Dean (Cornell), 14-4

184 – Ryan Wosick
First Round: Bye
Second Round: lost to Devon Van Cura (Penn State), FALL 2:22
Consolation Third Round: lost to Christopher Morgan (Army Prep), 8-3

197 – Frank Mattiace
First Round: def. Sean Twigg (Maryland), FALL 0:57
Second Round: def. Sasha Oliinyk (Sacred Heart), FALL 5:26
Third Round: def. Rocco Caywood (Army West Point), 3-2
Quarterfinals: def. Michael Woulfe (Navy), 9-3
Semifinals: lost to Brett Harner (Princeton), 15-5

197 – Robert Ng
First Round: lost to Matt Moore (Lock Haven), 12-4
Consolation First Round: def. Tom Murray (Lehigh), 2-1
Consolation Second Round: def. Charles Kerkesner (F&M), 3-2
Consolation Third Round: def. Luke Schaeffer (Navy), 7-3
Consolation Fourth Round: lost to Ben Honis (Finger Lakes), 6-0

197 – Carson Stack
First Round: Bye
Second Round: def. Charles Kerkesner (F&M), 8-2

285 – Patrik Garren
First Round: def. Ralph Normandia (Rutgers), 5-4
Second Round: def. Andrew Snyder (Old Dominion), 6-2
Third Round: def. Jake Moore (Princeton), FALL 1:32
Quarterfinals: def. Cole Tristam (Unattached), 4-2
Semifinals: lost to Mike Hughes (Hofstra), 4-0

285 – Tyler Hall
First Round: Bye
Second Round: lost to Trevor Smith (Army West Point), 8-0
Consolation Second Round: lost to Jeremy Sweany (Cornell), 11-5