Day 2 of Dual Matches Wraps Up

PHILADELPHIA – On a beautiful fall Saturday, one Penn squad won against Stony Brook while the other one lost to Ivy foe Brown; however, both will play again on Sunday at 9 a.m. The winning team, led by seniors Nikola Kocovic and Zach Katz, will face off against St. John's. Meanwhile, the other Penn crew that features newcomers Marshall Sharp and Thomas Spratt will play versus Niagara.

St. John’s had already defeated the latter Quakers side on Friday, in which Sharp and Spratt paired up in doubles and were the only two to win both their singles and doubles matches. Sunday’s St. John's matchup with the other Penn team, which also includes Matt Nardella, Vim De Alwis, Jeremy Court, and Blaine Willenborg, looks to be a closer contest.

The results from matches on Friday and Saturday can be viewed in the respective PDF files. Below is a schedule of the final dual matches that will take place on Sunday. A full recap to come at the conclusion of the tournament.

Sunday Schedule

Penn 1 vs. Niagara
Penn 2 vs. St. John’s
Binghamton vs. Delaware
Norfolk vs. Lehigh – at Temple

Stony Brook vs. Buffalo
St. Joe’s vs. Penn
Temple vs. Duquesne – at Temple

Download: Friday Results.pdf