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The 2009 EIWA Championships are at The Palestra this weekend, and our EIWA blog will bring you all the action - for Penn and every other EIWA team - throughout the championships.

8:53 p.m. - And finally, after the team presentations, our most outstanding wrestler is... Bryce Saddoris of Navy!

That's all for 2009! Thanks for reading.

8:43 p.m. -
Final bracket and team standings are above. Cornell wins the team title in a walk with 138 points. Lehigh is second with 103; Penn and Bucknell tie for third at 79.

Steve Anceravage wins the Fletcher Trophy for most career team points in the EIWA. The most falls trophy goes to Troy Nickerson, with three falls in 5:22. The sportsmanship award is presented to Lehigh.

8:36 p.m. -
We'll have the MOW and final standings in just a second.

285 lbs. -
We'll see if Columbia can crown a champ with #1 seed Ryan Flores against Zach Rey of Lehigh. It's just announced that Lehigh's Pat Santoro is the EIWA coach of the Year.

Some good action early but no one can score, and Flores nearly takes out the Lehigh coaches before the end of the period. 0-0.

Flores defers, Rey goes under. Rey escapes quickly, 1-0. No more scoring.

Flores is under for the third, stands up and is out, 1-1. Rey shoots, can't lock in, Flores moves around and hooks but they're out, no scoring. We're going OT.

Sudden victory, the Lehigh fans make some noise for their man, who shoots first, but Flores stands him up as they go off with 25 seconds left. Flores shoots, he has the takedown, more? Yes, three back points, he wins 6-1 in sudden victory.

197 lbs. -
A surprise - we have a medical forfeit at 197, and Cam Simaz is the winner - Richard Starks is unable to go. Right to heavyweight then. Very weird tournament for Simaz - he had a bye, a tech fall, a medical default in about a minute in the semis, and then a forfeit here. He only wrestled about seven minutes the whole weekend.

184 lbs. -
Get out your earplugs, it's our only Lehigh-Cornell final of the night, Craig vs. Kerber at 184 lbs.

Craig strikes first with a takedown, 2-0. The Lehigh man rides out, accumulating 1:44 of riding time in the process.

Craig is under and escapes, 3-0, and still a 1:33 ride advantage. Not much action, the period ends that way.

For the first time tonight we have a neutral period start. Craig is still aggressive even with a 3-0 lead. Another shot and they tie up, but it stays neutral, stalemate. Craig is still going as it seems Kerber is content to try and counter, but Craig doesn't give an opening. They're out, neutral restart, Kerber takes a shot, scramble, but that's it, Craig wins 4-0.

174 lbs. -
Another undefeated wrestler as Mike Cannon, national #2 at 174, takes on Steve Anceravage of Cornell. Anceravage goes first, no score, out of bounds. Anceravage hooks a leg, sidesweep but Cannon gets an ankle and gets out of trouble. We end the first scoreless.

Cannon goes under for the second. Anceravage is doing all he can to try and turn Cannon, but the American man escapes - he really uses his height and leverage to his advantage. 1-0 Cannon, only 35 seconds of riding time for Anceravage. Period ends that way.

Anceravage is down for the third and gets out instantly, 1-1, no riding time advantage either way. Anceravage hooks an ankle as Cannon is caught off position, but Cannon counters with a waistlock and it's a stalemate - the Cornell fans yell for a pin as Cannon was on his head, at least. Neutral restart, Anceravage shoots, no scoring, shoots again, hooks a leg at the buzzer but not in time - overtime.

Sudden victory, Anceravage is the aggressor, but neither man can score... but wait, quick scramble and CANNON SCORES TWO with four seconds left. He is the undefeated EIWA champion, 3-1, and the crowd loves it.

165 lbs. -
Mack Lewnes, the nation's undefeated and top-ranked 165'er, faces Andy Rendos of Bucknell. You better believe the crowd will be behind Rendos here - if he can get an upset, his Bison would claim third place all by themselves (they're currently tied with Penn).

First period, here we go. Rendos goes first but Lewnes turns it into two. Rendos stands him up but they're out of bounds. Rendos escapes, 2-1. End of the period.

Lewnes defers, Rendos down. He escapes quickly, almost turns a reversal but gets Lewnes in an underhook instead. 2-2, with Lewnes holding 1:15 of riding time. Lewnes loses his headgear, a recurring theme in the finals, and blood time is called. Back to action, period ends 2-2.

Lewnes down for the third and reverses quickly, 4-2. Bucknell hit for stalling, Rendos escapes, 4-3, blood time for him. Back to action, Rendos is aggressive but can't score off the tie-up. Stalemate called. Rendos needs a takedown to tie, but it doesn't come. Lewnes rides on undefeated, EIWA champion. 5-3. Great effort by Rendos - Bucknell has had a magnificent tournament.

157 lbs. -
Buckle up, this is going to be a good one. #4 O'Connor vs. #5 Leen. Not much action early, O'Connor loses his headgear. Good double-leg shot by Leen but O'Connor slips out. Leen shoots and hooks a leg, scramble around, O'Connor gets a hook, but they call danger as O'Connor screams in pain. No scoring, and the Cornell fans are incensed. Injury time for O'Connor. Restart, Leen is the aggressor here. O'Connor loses his headgear again, and the ref makes him switch. OK, now starting the third period... oh wait, there's still 47 seconds left in the first. Leen shoots on a single and finally gets two. O'Connor gets out just under the buzzer - Leen can't believe it, but it's 2-1.

O'Connor goes under for the second. Leen immediately locks the ankle off the restart and puts O'Connor back to the mat. Two stalemates. Another stalemate as Leen is hanging on, the crowd wants a stall. Leen again wraps him up and rides him standing, but O'CONNOR gets a stall warning. Now Leen gets a warning. Leen puts a chokehold on an O'Connor taps, and the ref calls injury time. O'Connor uses all his up, with only 20 seconds left from his earlier injury.

Leen is down and escapes for the third. Leen shoots and gets two, he's up 5-1. O'Connor is slow to get up and is limping a bit, but he has no time left. O'Connor gets out, 5-2. O'Connor shoots, hooks a leg, Leen gets an ankle, but no points. Leen scores two more, gets the riding point, it's 8-2, and our third straight #1 seed goes down.

149 lbs. -
Former Penn 133-pound two-time national champ, and current Columbia assistant, Matt Valenti, presents the 133 awards. Army-Navy time at 149.

Not much action for the first period. Kyler finally works a takedown with 35 seconds left. 2-0 after one.

Kyler is bottom to start the second. Kyler escapes, 3-0. Saddoris shoots and locks a leg but Kyler gets out with no damage. End of the second, 3-0 Kyler. Blood time for Kyler

Saddoris is down for the third, stands up and gets out quickly. Riding time is not an issue. Stall warning on Kyler, his headgear, which he replaced between periods, comes off. Out of bounds, 3-1 Kyler. Neutral restart with 1:22 left, Saddoris shoots but can't score, shoots again but still nothing. Saddoris shoots, catches a leg, no points, Kyler hit for stalling, plus the takedown, Saddoris up 4-3, but Kyler gets out with one second left! OT! Unbelievable.

In SV, a big scramble, fantastic wrestling, but neither man can get the advantage, off the mat, and now the crowd is into this one. They went to OT earlier this year, and no disappointment here. Going to ride-out.

Kyler chooses down to start. Saddoris puts him down and nearly sticks him but Kyler rolls out. Stall warning on Saddoris, out of bounds with seven seconds left. Kyler restart warning. Saddoris rides out.

Saddoris escapes to start, somebody fires off a INSIDE THE PALESTRA - seriously. Saddoris upsets Kyler for his 40th win of the year and the EIWA title, 5-4, in TB.

141 lbs. -
After the 125-pound award presentation, time to go at 141. Corey Jantzen vs. Seth Ciasulli. Finally a chance for Lehigh fans to make some noise.

Jantzen scores first blood, grabbing two on a single-leg. Ciasulli reverses him off a restart and nearly sticks him, but Jantzen gets out of trouble the best he can. Restart caution on Jantzen. Restart caution on Ciasulli. Jantzen nearly reverses off the restart but Ciasulli is saved by the buzzer, 2-2.

Ciasulli is under, but Jantzen cuts him, 3-2. Jantzen shoots but they tie up, stalemate. They wrestle neutral but nothing big, end of the period.

Jantzen is down for the third, stands up, and locks Ciasulli's midsection, but the Lehigh man keeps a leg lock and it's a stalemate. Ciasulli needs to ride out to win this match. He is riding hard and the Lehigh fans are clamoring for a stall on Jantzen. Parallel ride is called with 26 seconds left. Jantzen escapes off the restart, but it's too late - Ciasulli has 1:04 of riding time, and that's it - our first upset, our first #1 seed down, fourth-ranked Jantzen loses, 4-3.

133 lbs. -
Baker and Grey gets underway. Scramble at the edge, Baker loses his footing, regains and hooks the legs... but they're out, no score.

Grey is down to start the second. He stands up but Baker puts him back to the mat. Grey gets up again and is out, 1-0. Baker is hit for stalling and loses a point, 2-0. Grey shoots a single-leg behind but Baker has a wristlock, and they're called for danger. Neutral restart and the period ends.

Baker is under for the third and is a quick out. Grey shoots and locks one arm around Baker's midsection, but the Midshipman slips out. Baker makes a terrific move and gets around back, takedown, 3-2 Baker - the crowd (which is pro-Baker... or anti-Cornell?) loves it. Grey is out, it's 3-3 with no riding advantage. Grey shoots but they lock up. Great scramble, but out of bounds. Back to neutral with 35 seconds left. Baker hooks a single and puts Grey down - TWO with 18 seconds left, the crowd is going NUTS. That's it, Baker defends his title and Philadelphia applauds him. Fantastic match.

125 lbs. -
Nickerson scores first on a single and tries to lock in a cradle but can't. Peterkin wiggles out and nearly gets the reversal, but Nickerson is saved by the buzzer.

Nickerson goes under for the second. Peterkin locks under the leg but is called for danger.Peterkin nearly rolls Nickerson up off a big lift, but Nickerson rolls out and reverses for two. His riding advantage is gone now.

Peterkin goes bottom for the third. Restart caution on Nickerson. Peterkin reverses, 4-2, no riding time. Nickerson gets out, big shot by Peterkin but can't lock in two at the edge. That'll do it - Nickerson wins the EIWA title, 5-2. How many more will Cornell get?

6:42 p.m. -
Nickerson vs. Peterkin gets underway. We'll do period-by-period updates so refresh often.

6:40 p.m. -
The wait is over. The bright lights are on, the crowd is here, it's time to wrestle.

6:37 p.m. -
Done with Hall of Fame honors, which included a nice moment as coach Roger Reina presented former pupil Brandon Slay, and vice versa.

6:30 p.m. -
We are still doing Hall of Fame inductions - finals will start a bit late.

6:00 p.m. -
A half-hour from finals now. Before then, we'll have the induction of the 2009 EIWA Hall of Fame class. This year's class is a distinguished one and includes former Penn coach Roger Reina; Penn all-American and Olympic gold medalist Brandon Slay; Cornell four-time all-America and two-time NCAA champion Travis Lee; Harvard's first national champion, from 1938, Chip Harkness; the 1965 MOW and two-time all-America, from Navy, Gerry Franzen; long-time coach and official John "Moose" Tettis; and official Joe Solomon.

5:41 p.m. -
What a night of finals we have - all but one match is the #1 vs. #2 seed, and the one that isn't, at 184, is #1 vs. #3. Nineteen of the 20 wrestlers in the finals are nationally ranked, and four are returning EIWA champions. Eight have been All-Americans, and two - Mack Lewnes and Mike Cannon - are undefeated this year.

125 - #1 Troy Nickerson (Cornell) vs. #2 Rollie Peterkin (Penn)
These two faced off in a dual on Feb. 15, and Nickerson won, 8-4. Nickerson came into the tournament ranked #2 nationally; Peterkin is #10. These two have won two of the last three EIWA 125-lbs. championships; Peterkin won last year when Nickerson took the year off, and Nickerson won as a freshman in 2006 en route to the NCAA final. In 2007, Penn's Matt Eveleth shocked Nickerson with a front headlock and ended up winning to capture the tournament Most Outstanding Wrestler trophy. I would not be surprised if the winner of this bout tonight earns that award - Nickerson has pinned his way into the final, and Peterkin has two tech falls and a major.

133 - #1 Joe Baker (Navy) vs. #2 Mike Grey (Cornell)
These two have not met this season. Baker, a senior and the defending champion, is 13-0 this year, and is ranked 10th in the nation. Grey, an All-American last year as a freshman, came down to 133 after starting the season at 141 and is 22-7 overall. Baker is ranked #10 in the nation, and Grey is #12.

141 - #1 Corey Jantzen (Harvard) vs. #2 Seth Ciasulli (Lehigh)
Jantzen, the nation's #4 ranked wrestler at 141, did not meet Ciasulli, ranked 20th, during the regular season in the Lehigh-Harvard dual. The Harvard man comes in at 14-1 in an injury-limited season, and he missed most of the last two months but was ranked #1 earlier in the year. Ciasulli, who is 23-8, has an EIWA fourth and fifth place to his credit. The interesting storyline here is that both of these grapplers' brothers have won EIWA titles - Jesse Jantzen was a three-time EIWA champ for Harvard and won a national title there; Matt Ciasulli won the 141 EIWA championship for Lehigh.

149 - #1 Matt Kyler (Army) vs. #2 Bryce Saddoris (Navy)
Army vs. Navy in Philadelphia in the 149 final - it doesn't get much better than that. And with these two guys, ranked eighth and ninth in the nation, it should be terrific. They already wrestled one classic this year as Kyler, ranked #8, beat Saddoris 2-1 in tiebreak during the Star Match on Feb. 21. Kyler is 39-4, Saddoris is 39-5.

157 - #1 JP O'Connor (Harvard) vs. #2 Jordan Leen (Cornell)
In what should be a premier match-up tonight, last year's NCAA champion, Leen, ranked #5 in the nation, will get a shot again at O'Connor, the nation's #4 wrestler, who won 7-5 in the second tiebreak at the Brute Binghampton Open on Nov. 15. O'Connor has two EIWA second-place finishes, losing to MOW Cesar Grajales of Penn last year at 149, while Leen won in 2007 and was second at 157 last year.

165 - #1 Mack Lewnes (Cornell) vs. #2 Andy Rendos (Bucknell)
The nation's #1-ranked wrestler at 165 has rolled through this tournament with falls in the quarters and semis, and he stands at 34-0 this season. He beat Rendos, 8-1, at the Las Vegas Invitational on Dec. 6. Rendos, 28-5 on the year, is ranked #12 in the nation, has EIWA third and fourth place finishes.

174 - #1 Mike Cannon (American) vs. #2 Steve Anceravage (Cornell)
Cannon is riding an undefeated record of 29-0 into this final, but none of those wins were over Anceravage - they haven't met this year. Cannon was third last year at 165 and earned All-America honors at NCAAs; Anceravage won an EIWA title in 2007 and was also an All-America last year. Cannon is ranked #2 at 174, Anceravage is #6.

184 - #1 David Craig (Lehigh) vs. #3 Justin Kerber (Cornell)
This is our only Cornell-Lehigh match tonight, and with the make-up of the crowd, this is guaranteed to be the loudest final. These two did not meet during the season. Kerber, ranked #16 in the nation, is the only #3 seed to make it to the final, and the sophomore is having a solid 29-8 season. Craig, ranked ninth, was fourth at EIWAs in 2007 and is 24-4 this year.

197 - #1 Richard Starks (Army) vs. #2 Cam Simaz (Cornell)

Perhaps the only EIWA championship match without major national stars in it comes at 197. Army's Richard Starks, who has squeeked his way into the final with two tiebreak wins and a 6-5 victory in the semis, will take on Simaz, the only unranked wrestler in the finals. Simaz was the Ivy League Rookie of the Year, but lost to Starks, 5-3, in their meeting at the Cornell Body Bar Tournament on Nov. 22. Simaz wrestled all of about a minute and a half today before his opponent, Thomas Shovlin, retired due to injury - we'll see if freshness plays a factor.

285 - #1 Ryan Flores (Columbia) vs. #2 Zach Rey (Lehigh)
No boring heavyweight title fight here - these two have wrestled some very entertaining bouts in this tournament, including Flores' third-period pin over Chris Birchler in the semis. Rey, the Lehigh freshman, is 21-3, but has not faced Flores this year. The Columbia man, last year's runner-up, is 30-3 and ranked ninth; Rey is 10th in the nation.

3:42 p.m. -
Brackets updated above.

Team Scores - Cornell could theoretically lose if they lost every final and Lehigh won all of theirs, but it's all but sewn up. The big surprise is that Penn held on to tie Bucknell for third, and it may very well stay that way unless either Peterkin (for Penn) or Rendos (for Bucknell) can pull an upset tonight.

1 CORNELL 128.0 - 7 in finals
2 LEHIGH 99 - 3 in finals
3 BUCKNELL 79 - 1 in finals
3 PENN 79 - 1 in finals
5 AMERICAN 66 - 1 in finals
5 NAVY 66 - 2 in finals
7 ARMY 50 - 2 in finals
8 HARVARD 48.5 - 2 in finals
9 RUTGERS 47.5
10 COLUMBIA 41 - 1 in finals
11 BROWN 34.5
12 ESU 15.5
13 F&M 8.5

That's all for now - be back for finals at 6:30.

3:34 p.m. -
That's it for consolations - East Stroudsburg's Chris Birchler gets third with an 8-6 win. Team scores and brackets coming up.

3:27 p.m. -
The hits keep coming for Cornell - Zach Hammond pins Penn's Trey McLean for fifth.

3:23 p.m. -
Columbia's Louis Miller outwrestles his seed (he was eighth) and wins third at 197 with a 5-3 win.

3:11 p.m. -
Louis Caputo of Harvard takes third at 184 with a 10-2 win; both he and Geveling get a trip to St. Louis. Bucknell's David Thompson wins fifth, 5-1, over Casey Caldwell of Navy.

At 197, American's Andy Silbert wins fifth by medical forfeit after Thomas Shovlin's earlier injury.

3:00 p.m. - At 174, Bucknell's Shane Riccio withstands a late shot from Alex Caruso to win, 3-2, for third. Luke Rebertus wins a late scramble to beat Scott Giffin for fifth. All six guys here go to NCAAs.

2:50 p.m. -
With only three auto bids at 165 available, the third-place bout counts, and Lehigh's Mike Galante earns the trip to St. Louis, 7-3, over Matt Pletcher of Rutgers. For fifth, Navy's Matt DeMichiel wins 9-4.

2:34 p.m. -
Scott Winston, the freshman from Rutgers, pulls a surprising result as he pins Matt Dragon, Penn's two-time champion, for third. Both men still have earned NCAA spots, however. Derek Sickles (Columbia) wins 8-3 for fifth.

2:27 p.m. -
American's Kyle Borshoff wins third, 3-2, over Trevor Chinn. A feisty match for fifth as both Cesar Grajales and LeValley are hit with simultaneous penalty points. Grajales, last year's MOW, wins 4-2.

2:17 p.m. -
Penn's Rick Rappo wins a major decision for third at 141, 14-5, over Army's Wlliam Simpson. Might Rappo be in line for an at-large bid to NCAAs? Trevor Medle wins fifth for Rutgers with a 6-1 win. A nice showing for the freshman.

2:05 p.m. -
It's Fisk - wrapped up Marble and got the takedown halfway through sudden victory. He wins, 4-2.

2:03 p.m. -
Penn's Bryan Ortenzio wins fifth with a 7-3 win, and a great third-place match as we go to OT between Fisk and Marble after a late reversal by the Lehigh man.

2:00 p.m. -
Sorry, an error in my third-place match-ups - it was Einfrank and Derek Reber at 125, and Reber wins, 6-2. Prescott Garner takes fifth for Navy, 10-6.

1:54 p.m. -
Team leaders update. Also a bracket update above.

1. Cornell 124.0
2. Lehigh 95.0
3. Bucknell 73.0
4. Penn 72.0
t5. American 60.0
t5. Navy 60.0
7. Army 50.0
8. Harvard 45.5

1:38 p.m. -
Here are your third-place match-ups. Brown is the big winner in consolations, putting three through, including unseeded Branden Stearns at 197. Lehigh is also all over the consolation finals, with four men in. The consolation finals will start momentarily with third- and fifth-place matches.

125 - #7 Greg Einfrank (Brown) vs. #3 Derek Reber (Bucknell)
133 - #3 Matt Fisk (Lehigh) vs. #4 David Marble (Bucknell)
141 - #3 Rick Rappo (Penn) vs. #7 William Simpson (Army)
149 - #3 Trevor Chinn (Lehigh) vs. #5 Kyle Borshoff (American)
157 - #3 Matt Dragon (Penn) vs. #4 Scott Winston (Rutgers)
165 - #3 Mike Galante (Lehigh) vs. #4 Matt Pletcher (Rutgers)
174 - #6 Shane Riccio (Bucknell) vs. #5 Alex Caruso (Lehigh)
184 - #6 Matt Gevelinger (Brown) vs. #2 Louis Caputo (Harvard)
197 - Branden Stearns (Brown) vs. #8 Louis Miller (Columbia)
285 - #4 Chris Birchler (East Stroudsburg) vs. #8 DJ Russo (Rutgers)

1:30 p.m. -
Thomas Shovlin had to forfeit his match at 197, so Louis Miller moves on to face Branden Stearns. At 285, Chris Birchler knocks out Zach Hammond with a late takedown, and will be East Stroudsburg's lone wrestler tonight.

1:24 p.m. -
Our first bracket update is available above. We are still way behind on Mat #3 - we have a 174 match while the heavys are on the other mats. Caruso holds on to beat Giffin, 3-2, and the crowd goes nuts. A lot more Lehigh fans stuck around the consis - but then, Cornell didn't exactly have anyone wrestling, what with their seven finalists.

1:17 p.m. -
Mat #3 is lagging way behind because of a lengthy blood stoppage earlier - the 157 con. semi between Matt Dragon and Scott Sechler just finished - Dragon wins 8-5.

1:11 p.m. -
One bright spot for Penn as Rick Rappo wins his consolation semi; he'll face Army's William Simpson for third. At 149, Kyle Borshoff of American wins 3-1 in SV and Trevor Chinn of Lehigh beats Grajales 4-2.

1:04 p.m. -
Things are falling apart for the hosts. Ortenzio loses to Fisk at 133 and Grajales loses to Chinn at 141.

Our 125 third-place match will be a couple of low seeds as #7 Greg Einfrank (Brown) wrestles John McDonald (Lehigh) - both wrestled all the way back.At 133, it'll be David Marble (Bucknell), the four seed, against third seed Matt Fisk of Lehigh.

1:00 p.m. -
Mike Galante gets a fall in his 165 consolation semi against Matt DeMichiel - that woke the Lehigh fans up.

12:49 p.m. -
Your team leaders - there is some debate as to whether Cornell can even lose the team title at this point - I don't think so. Bucknell still has six guys wrestling, and has a very real shot at third.

1. Cornell 124.0
2. Lehigh 79.0
3. Penn 65.0
4. Bucknell 62.5
5. Navy 60.0
6. American 56.5
7. Army 44.5
8. Harvard 41.0

12:33 -
Unreal - Rey shoots and gets McLean on his back and pins him in SV2. The Palestra goes nuts.

Here are your finals, set for 6:30 tonight. Consolation semis right now.

125 - #1 Troy Nickerson (Cornell) vs. #2 Rollie Peterkin (Penn)
133 - #1 Joe Baker (Navy) vs. #2 Mike Grey (Cornell)
141 - #1 Corey Jantzen (Harvard) vs. #2 Seth Ciasulli (Lehigh)
149 - #1 Matt Kyler (Army) vs. #2 Bryce Saddoris (Navy)
157 - #1 JP O'Connor (Harvard) vs. #2 Jordan Leen (Cornell)
165 - #1 Mack Lewnes (Cornell) vs. #2 Andy Rendos (Bucknell)
174 - #1 Mike Cannon (American) vs. #2 Steve Anceravage (Cornell)
184 - #1 David Craig (Lehigh) vs. #3 Justin Kerber (Cornell)
197 - #1 Richard Starks (Army) vs. #2 Cam Simaz (Cornell)
285 - #1 Ryan Flores (Columbia) vs. #2 Zach Rey (Lehigh)

12:32 p.m. -
McLean-Rey goes to tiebreak, and Rey escapes on the first turn, and McLean does likewise. 2-2 going to the second SV.

12:30 p.m. -
At heavyweight, Columbia's Ryan Flores was up 4-0 but gets the pin at 6:44 against Chris Birchler, and Trey McLean and Zach Rey are going to overtime.

Russo and Hammond won in wrestlebacks.

12:16 p.m. -
At 197, Penn's Thomas Shovlin made a great effort, but was done in by a leg injury in the first period and Cam Simaz moves on. It's Cornell's seventh finalist. In the other match, top-seeded Richard Starks of Army gets a takedown with 10 seconds left to move on 6-5 - he's Army's second finalist. The service academies will have four finalists tonight.

In consolations, Branden Stearns and Louis Miller win, Stearns by fall and Miller 6-4 SV.

12:09 p.m. -
Our first upset - Justin Kerber scores two in sudden victory to drop Louis Caputo, 5-3. Cornell's section - it's grown into a large one at "center court" and another one in the end - is pumped.

12:06 p.m. -
Over on the championship mats, David Craig of Lehigh majors Casey Caldwell 8-0. Caputo and Kerber are going OT.

12:02 p.m. -
In 184 wrestlebacks, it's Brown's Matt Gevelinger, 12-3, over John Drew of Army, and riding time is the difference for David Thompson (Bucknell), 4-3, over Eddie Ebewo (East Stroudsburg).

11:55 a.m. -
It's been one of the stories of the championships so far - guys getting reeeeeeally close to major upsets but falling just short. Chalk another one up at 174 as Navy freshman Luke Rebertus wrestles a fantastic match against undefeated national #2 Mike Cannon of American, but loses 4-3. Rebertus shot in with a few seconds left and was a held leg away from a takedown. Cannon will get Cornell's Steve Anceravage, a 10-2 major decision winner over Penn's Scott Giffin.

11:50 a.m. -
We're now a weight-class ahead at consolations. At 174, Shane Riccio (Bucknell) beats F&M's Justin Herbert 9-6, and Lehigh's Alex Caruso wins 4-0 against Rutgers' Michael Whalen, getting a nice ovation from the large Lehigh crowd here at The Palestra.

11:40 a.m. -
The undefeated juggernaut that is Mack Lewnes continues - he pins Matt Pletcher in 2:39 to get into the finals at 165. He'll meet Andy Rendos of Bucknell, an 8-0 winner against Lehigh's Mike Galante. American's Chris Stout wins his consolation, 7-2, with a late takedown and back points, and Navy's Matt DeMichiel wins 3-1.

11:34 a.m. -
In the 157 semis, a first-period takedown and a second-period reversal are the difference for Jordan Leen as he ends Matt Dragon's chances of becoming a three-time EIWA champion, 5-1. Meanwhile, controversy on the other mat as the referee signals a takedown for Scott Winston that would've tied it at the buzzer, but as it turns out, it wasn't anything after consulting with the second official, and Harvard's J.P. O'Connor escapes 4-2 to meet Leen in the finals. That should be a barnburner - national #4 vs. national #5.

11:29 a.m. -
The consolations are now running a little ahead of our two championship mats. In a dramatic 157 consolation, Bucknell's Scott Sechler gets a takedown with no time left - literally - to win 3-1 over Bryan Tracy of Brown. Columbia's Derek Sickles beats Patrick Graham (American) 8-5.

11:22 a.m. -
We knew 149 would be a great bracket and the semis don't disappoint. Saddoris wins 5-3 in one semi, and the other match between Matt Kyler and Kyle Borshoff becomes our longest of the championships so far. Borshoff escapes in the second tiebreak ride-out to go up 2-1, but Kyler dramatically reverses him on the next turn and wins 3-2. We'll have an Army-Navy final - should be great.

Meanwhile, in wrestlebacks, Penn's Cesar Grajales scores an escape with 21 seconds left in the third to win 1-0, and Kevin LeValley scores some third-period backpoints to win 9-4.

11:03 a.m. -
The 141 matches have both been close, and a fantastic match between Harvard's Cory Jantzen and Rutgers' Trevor Melde comes down to a Jantzen takedown with about 20 seconds left - he wins 4-2. Meanwhile, a mat over, Seth Ciasulli heads to the final thanks to a 3-0 win over Penn's Rick Rappo. Remember, there are just two NCAA automatic qualifiers at 141. In wrestlebacks, William Simpson (Army) and Matt Mariacher (American) win, as Cornell's Corey Manson is the first Big Red man out of the tournament.

10:52 a.m. -
Joe Baker of Navy is through to the 133 final with an 8-3 win against David Marble (Bucknell). He'll meet Mike Grey of Cornell, the Big Red's second finalist in two weight classes so far. Jasen Borshoff wins in the 133 consolations, as does Bryan Ortenzio, who wins a fantastic match with Thomas Picarsic thanks to a takedown with 11 seconds left

10:41 a.m. -
And Penn's Rollie Peterkin will face Nickerson in the 125 final tonight after a 10-0 major against Derek Reber of Bucknell. That should be a terrific final. Greg Einfrank and John McDonald move on in the 125 consies.

10:30 a.m. -
Day 2 of the EIWA Championships is underway! We have championship semifinals on the mats already at 125 pounds, and Troy Nickerson gets his third fall of the tournament, this time over Navy freshman Prescott Garner, to get into the final.

Download: 2009 EIWA Brackets(5).pdf