1. Entry fees are for the processing of entries and are NOT REFUNDABLE.

2. $30.00 per relay event; $15.00 per individual event; $15.00 per decathlon/heptathlon entry; $20.00 for

road race ($35.00 if not pre-registered); $5.00 for kids’ road mile ($10.00 if not pre-registered.)

NOTE: High School coaches may enter both the 4x800 and Distance Medley, but the $30.00 processing

fee is required for each entry.)

3. Checks must be made payable to U.P.I.A.

4. Checks should accompany entries. If there is a delay in issuing the check, the entries should be

submitted with a notice that the check will follow. Olympic Development entries must be

accompanied by payment.

5. Purchase Orders from High Schools and Colleges must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped


6. Additional tickets for competitors and coaches must be purchased through the Franklin Field ticket office

and will be mailed if orders are received two weeks in advance of the Relays (to be held at Will Call

window if received later).