Fencing Teams Fare Well at Multi-Meet

PHILADELPHIA - In their first meet since before the holiday break, the men's and women's fencing teams traveled to Harverford, Pa. to take part in the Philadelphia Invitational Multi-Meet today.

The men's fencing team split on the day, as they lost a close match to Rutgers, 15-12, but beat Johns Hopkins, 20-7. Against Johns Hopkins, seniors Michael Galligan and Dave Diapola both went 3-0 in their weapons, while junior Ron Berkowsky went 3-0 in foil. Against Rutgers, the foil and epee squads went 5-4, but a 2-7 loss in the sabre was too much for the Quakers to overcome. Rutgers freshman Adam Pantel went 3-0 in foil, beating Berkowsky, Galligan and Purcell in close matches.

The big news of the day, however, was the women's team, who went 4-0 at the meet, beating nationally ranked Temple and Northwestern, as well as Rutgers and Fairleigh Dickinson. The women beat both Temple and Northwestern by a close score of 15-12.

Against Northwestern, the sabre and epee teams pulled out big wins to help assure the victory for the Quakers. Sophomore Kristen Hughes went 3-0 in epee, while freshman Kathryn Anthony went 2-0 in epee as well. Sophomore Cassanda Partyka went 3-0 in sabre, while senior Katelyn Sherry and freshman Alexis Baran both went 2-1.

The nationally-ranked Temple team proved to be a tough match for the women's team, as both the sabre and the epee teams pulled out 5-4 wins over Penn. But the Quakers' foil squad came up big, with a 7-2 win, to give Penn the 15-12 upset. Sophomore Abby Emerson and sophomore Ilana Sinkin both went 3-0 in foil to give Penn the victory.

The matches against Fairleigh Dickinson and Rutgers were easier for the Quakers, as they beat Rutgers 23-4, and FDU 26-1. Against Fairleigh Dickinson, several Quakers went 3-0. Sinkin, Emerson and Eve Overton all went 3-0 in foil, to sweep the weapon. Senior Katelyn Sherry, back from an injury, went 3-0 in sabre, as did Baran. Freshman Tamara Levy went 1-0 in sabre, to help give the squad a win. And in epee, senior Holly Buechel and Anthony both went 3-0. The foil trio of Emerson, Overton and Sinkin were also big winners against Rutgers, as all three went 3-0. Sherry and Partyka also went 3-0 in sabre, to give Penn the overwhelming advantage.

Up next, both fencing teams will travel to State College, Pa. to take part in the Penn State Inivitational, on Saturday, Jan. 27.