Field Hockey "Our Way" Giving Challenge


PHILADELPHIA - In hopes of building off last year's successful "Field Hockey 15 Giving Challenge" and falling in line with the team motto for the 2016 season, we are introducing the Penn Field Hockey "Our Way" Challenge.  For this year's challenge, our lead donors will match any new or increased gift up to $15,000. The goal for the challenge is to continuously build the support base needed to provide the program with the necessary funding to enhance the field hockey student-athlete experience.


New Donors: Any new donor (someone who did not make a gift to the field hockey annual fund last fiscal year) who makes a gift of $50 or greater will have their gift matched as part of this year's challenge.

Donors to Field Hockey Last Year: If you donated last year to the field hockey annual fund, increasing your gift by 10% will qualify for this year's challenge. If you have any questions regarding the timing or amount of your most recent gift to the field hockey annual fund, contact Charlie Carroll ( 


​We will separate the group by decade and keep score within challenge in two specific areas.

1. Dollars Raised by Each Decade

2. Decade Participation Rate (Donors vs. Number of Alumnae from Decade)

Parents and Friends can donate to any decade of their choice.