Final Cup Race for Lightweights on Saturday

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PHILADELPHIA - There is one cup still at stake this year for the University of Pennsylvania lightweights before Eastern Sprints. The Quakers will take on Navy for the rights to the Callow Cup on Saturday on the Severn River.

This will be the 60th Callow Cup race dating back to 1955.The cupwas namedin honor of Russell “Rusty” Callow, who coached at both Penn and the U.S. Naval Academy.Navy holds a slight edge in Cup wins at 33-27.Navy regained the Cup last season after the Quakers seized it in 2013on the SevernRiver.

Navy wona tightly-contested varsity race that came down to the wire last year. The Midshipmen earned the cup with a one-second victory. Navy finished with a time of 5:45.1, while the Quakers stopped the clock at 5:46.6. Delaware joined the race as a guest and finished in 5:42.0.Penn bounced to win the freshman race in convincing fashion. The Quakers opened up an open-water lead and cruised to victory with a winning time of 6:01.9. Navy was a distant second at 6:13.8.

Penn is coming off a pair of second-place finishes last week, andheld a ceremony for the Robert E. Tiffany W'55 Boat Dedication.In the Wood-Hammond Cup race, the Tigers held off the Quakers for the victory. Princeton retained the cup with a winning time of 5:44.8. Penn was about a length behind at 5:50.7, and well in front of Georgetown, who joined the regatta as a guest (6:02.3). In an afternoon dual,Penn was about a length behind M.I.T.'s winning time of 6:05.7 with a finish of 6:12.6.

A full recap of the Callow Cup races can be found at following the conclusion of the day's events.

Tentative Schedule
8am - Varsity
8:30am - 2nd Varsity
9am - Third Varsity
9:30am - Freshmen

Tentative Boatings

1st Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Alex Weinrich
Stroke: Sam Ward
7: Jake Ford
6:Jeff Wang
5: Jasper Liu
4: Matt Lieber
3: Casey Howshall
2: Parker Lange
Bow: Landis Walsh

2nd Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Genny Liebes
Stroke: Dan Schwarz
7: Adam Millar
6: Alex Cosio
5: Matt Weaver
4: Zach Howell
3: Mark Dignam
2: Brian Kraus
Bow: John Earle

1st Freshman 8+
Coxswain: Natalie Burke
Stroke: Leo Pratt
7: James Konopka
6: Jackson Connor
5: Joe Ebner
4: Jack Smallwood
3: Anthony Faustini
2: Mark Roberts
Bow: Ethan Genyk

3rd Varsity 8+

Coxswain: Allison Jacoby
Stroke: Connor Brady
7:Dylan Mann
6: Joey Harrison
5:Alex Moses
4: Mike Donahue
3: Jason Richter
2: Edie Okon
Bow: Andrew Zhu