Football Wraps Up Offseason Workouts

PHILADELPHIA - With the Spring Game and finals behind them, the University of Pennsylvania football team has officially wrapped up its spring offseason. But not before an impressive spring season in the state-of-the-art athletic weight room facility inside the George A. Weiss Pavilion, where the Quakers held their seventh annual "Iron Quaker" competition.

Under the direction of Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Jim Steel, and assistants Stephen Brindle, Cristi Bartlett and Tracy Zimmer, the team competes in various lifts-clean, squat and bench press. This year, the team was broken up into three position-based groups - skill (RB, WR, DB), semi (QB, LB, TE), big (DL, OL). In each group, awards are given to those who lift the most weight in each lift as well as the Iron Quaker award, which is given to the player with the greatest index score - a summation of the player's three lifts.

Dexter Davis (skill), David Park (semi) and Matt Kiefer (big) earned the 2013 Iron Quaker awards. Davis combined to lift 1,140 lbs. between his three lifts, while Park hit 1,245 lbs., and Keifer lifted a team-best 1,280.

Park had the team's top clean lift at 375 lbs., while Kiefer and Jimmy Wagner tied for the top bench press at 415 lbs. Chris Bush and Eric Smith led the Quakers in squat lift at 525 lbs.

In the speed and agility testing, Kenny Thomas recorded the team's fastest 40-yard dash a 4.49 and the longest broad jump (10 feet , 4 1/2 inches). Running back Spencer Kulcsar had the fastest pro agility time at 3.91 and wideout Ryan Mitchell had the highest vertical leap (37.7 inches).

The Iron Quaker was started by the coaching staff in 2007 and is usually the culmination of the offseason conditioning program for the squad.

Penn wrapped up its spring season on the field with the annual Red vs. Blue Spring Game on April 6. The Quakers will continue their Ivy title defense with the start of preseason in late August.

Highest Total Lift
Skill – Dexter Davis (1140)
Semi – David Park (1245)
Big – Matt Kiefer (1280)

Highest Clean
Skill – Kyle Wilcox (325)
Semi – David Park (375)
Big – Matt Kiefer (365)

Highest Bench
Skill – Brandon Colavita (400)
Semi – Feerooz Yacoobi (385)
Big – Tie – Matt Kiefer, Jim Wagner (415)

Highest Squat
Skill – Dexter Davis (495)
Semi – David Park (505)
Big – Tie – Chris Bush, Eric Smith (525)

Speed and Agility Testing Numbers
Highest Vertical Jump
Skill – Ryan Mitchell (37.7)
Semi – David Park (34.4)
Big – Joe Naji (32.7)

Fastest Pro Agility
Skill – Spencer Kulcsar (3.91)
Semi – Sam Chwarzynski (4.13)
Big – Joe Naji (4.19)

Longest Broad Jump
Skill – Kenny Thomas (10’4.5”)
Semi – David Park (9’11”)
Big – Joe Naji (9’7”)

Fastest 40-yard Dash
Skill – Kenny Thomas (4.49)
Semi – Sam Chwarzynski (4.69)
Big – Joe Naji (4.79)

Past "Iron Quaker" Winners:
2012 -Michael Pinciotti (overall),Kyle Wilcox (pound-for-pound)
2011 - Brandon Colavita (overall), Justyn Williams (pound-for-pound)
- Jared Sholly (overall), Jake Peterson (pound-for-pound)
- Eric Jett (overall), Chris Wynn (pound- for-pound)
- Jake Peterson (overall), Tyson Maugle (pound-for-pound)