Former Crew Coach Ted Nash Named to Olympic Team in Athens

Philadelphia – Ted Nash of Medford, N.J., who coached heavyweight men’s crew at the University of Pennsylvania for 16 years and who started the women’s crew program at Penn, has become the first United States athlete or coach ever to be named to 10 Olympic teams in any sport.

Nash won a gold medal competing in the 1960 Rome Olympics and a bronze medal at the Tokyo games in 1964. The Summer Olympic Games in Athens will see Nash as a member of the coaching staff of a rowing team for the eighth time. Highlights of his Olympic coaching career include leading a men’s pair without coxswain to a silver medal at the Montreal Games in 1976, men’s four, which won silver at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and in Barcelona in 1992. In the world championships competition, Nash has coached four gold medal men’s and women’s crews, four silver medal crews and six bronze medal crew and single scullers.

Nash has been a long-time presence on Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row, where he has coached top-level competitive rowers at Penn AC for the past 20 years. Nash started Penn AC’s women’s crew program in 1994, crews he has coached in that program have won two gold and two silver Olympic medals. In 1962 he launched the National Women’s Rowing Association (now part of US Rowing Association) to give women an opportunity for serious competition at a time when they were excluded from many boathouses. Nash also started the Lighthouse for the Blind Rowing program. He also served as a member of the Men’s and Women’s Olympic Committee.

Nash commented that his continuous interest in the Olympic Games and in his sport of rowing never waivers as “he sees a repeat four-year cycle of the very best youth in the United States growing into excellence.”

“I am indebted to Mike Teti, head coach of the US Men’s crews for the 2004 Olympic Games,” Nash said, “for having confidence that I might be able to help our country win gold and that I might be helpful in the growth of these outstanding athletes.”

Nash is a Hall of Fame award winner from both Washington and Pennsylvania and has received Hall awards from the National Rowing Association, the Citizen’s Bank Sports Foundation and the Helms Hall of Fame.