Freshman Men's Lightweights to Row at The Belly

More info on the Belly of the Carnegie

PHILADELPHIA--The Penn men’s lightweight rowing team has one final race of the fall season and will send two freshman boats to the Belly of the Carnegie in Princeton, N.J. The race is set to begin at 11:30 a.m. Sunday.

The Belly of the Carnegie is an invitational head-race hosted by the Princeton University crew coaching staff for freshman men and novice women collegiate crews. The Belly of the Carnegie regatta is composed of three races for women, lightweight men and heavyweight men, competing over a distance of 2.75 miles.

The Belly Bowl Trophy is awarded to the school with the combined best time for the top two boats in all three events. Last season, Cornell took home its first title since the competition began in 1993.

Penn’s lightweight boatings are as follows:

Cox:Kevin Vichyastit

Stroke: Zach Dann

7: Tim Cragg

6: William Price

5: Shane Brady

4: Alex Ryu

3: Oren Lavie

2: Phil Papirnik

Bow: Vinny Valant

Cox: Mike Winsten

Stroke: John Sides

7: Andy Macalaster

6: Adam Neinstein

5: Jason Bernstein

4: JP Dudzinsky

3: Brian Hwang

2: Sourav

Bow: Dave Katzianer