OMAHA - Good morning from the 2010 NCAA Championships. Today is Day Two, starting with session III. Penn has four wrestlers on the card today, all looking to wrestle their way back to All-America status.

Bryan Ortenzio is up first at 133 pounds against William Ashnault of Rutgers. Cesar Grajales will follow against Bucknell's Kevin LeValley, Scott Giffin has Michigan's Justin Zeerip and Micah Burak follows against Ohio State's Cody Magrum.

Check back throughout the day for instant analysis on Penn's matches.

10:17 a.m. - Bryan Ortenzio was eliminated from the 2010 NCAA Championships after losing to William Ashnault of Rutgers by fall in 5:47. Ortenzio had a 1-0 lead after two periods and was starting the third in top position. Ortenzio went for the tilt off the whistle, getting a one count, but Ashnault reached back and grabbed the head and was able to swing the reverse into backpoints. Ortenzio was in a tough position and eventual his shoulders found the mat. Ortenzio finishes with a 1-2 record in his first NCAA Championships.

11:01 p.m. - Senior tri-captain Cesar Grajales saw his final NCAA Championships run come to an end after a 2-0 loss to No. 9 Kevin LeValley of Bucknell. Grajales actually had the best shot of the match, getting in at the end of the first period, but time ran out before he could finish. In the second period, LeValley escaped at 3:07 to take the lead. Grajales chose bottom for the third, needing to escape. He could not do so, nor could he get a reversal late and was eliminated.

11:54 p.m. - Scott Giffin with Penn's first win of the day, downing Michigan's Just Zeerip, 6-4, in sudden victory. Giffin was down early after Zeerip worked a headlock to a takedown at 0:32. Giffin escaped at 0:51 and then came in for his own takedown at 1:45. He held Zeerip for a while before the Wolverine wrestler escaped at 2:34 to send the match to the second tied, 3-3. In the second period, Giffin was able to escape at 3:20 for the only points of the period. In the third, Zeerip equaled the point with an escape at the whistle. Giffin was close to scoring at 6:21, but his shot was held off to a stalemate. In sudden victory, Giffin made the first move, shooting a double for the score at 6:17. He will wrestle Missouri's Dorian Henderson next round. Earlier this year at the Nittany Lion Open, Henderson defeated Giffin, 12-10 in sudden victory.

1:00 p.m. - Micah Burak is eliminated from the NCAA Championships after a 3-1 loss to Ohio State's Cody Magrum. Burak wrestled his type of match, looking for ties and keeping things tight. Each man scored on an escape, Magrum first at 3:03 and Burak followed at 5:02. However, with 19 seconds left, Magrum shot low and scooped the legs out for the winning takedown. Burak finishes 1-2 at his first NCAA Championships.

The next round of wrestlebacks has started, Giffin is the lone Penn wrestler remaining, and is up in about 25 minutes.

1:41 p.m. - Scott Giffin advances to the Round of 12 with a 6-3 decision over Missouri's Dorian Henderson. Giffin was ready from the start, pouncing on a low single at 0:12. Henderson escaped at 0:41, but Giffin came in again from a low position for a takedown at 1:20. Henderson got out again at 1:45 sending the match to the second 4-2. In the second period, Giffin rode Henderson tough for 55 seconds before the Tiger wrestler could escape. In the third period, Giffin had a big riding time advantage and Henderson worked for the tilt from top. However, late in the match Giffin slipped out and came through with both legs gathered for a reversal at the buzzer and the 6-3 win. Tonight, Giffin will wrestle the sixth seed, Oklahoma State's Mike Benefiel for All-America honors.

5:28 p.m. - Welcome back to Day Two of the 2010 NCAA Championships. Session IV is about to begin, arguably the most important and gut-wrenching session of the tournament. 12 wrestlers remain at each weight, and every match held tonight has serious importance. For the four wrestlers in the semifinals, a win earns a spot in the finals tomorrow night and a shot at a national championship. For the eight wrestlers competing in the consolation bracket, a win guarantees a spot on the podium as an All-America.

Penn has one wrestler slated for action tonight, junior Scott Giffin. He enters the night with a 26-6 record, winning three matches in a row after losing his first match. He will wrestle Oklahoma State's Mike Benefiel tonight. The No. 6 seed at 174 pounds, Benefiel enters with a 23-4 record this season, with all four losses to wrestlers competing in the national semifinals tonight. Earlier this season, Benefiel lost to Missouri's Dorian Henderson while competing unattached. Henderson is the wrestler Giffin defeated to reach the Round of 12. A win tonight will ensure Giffin of no worse than an eighth-place finish and his first All-America honor. He would become Penn's 24th All-America and first since current assistant coach Matt Valenti won his second consecutive national championship in 2007.

Wrestling begins at 6 p.m. CST with semifinals and Round of 12 matches at each weight. Giffin should take that mat somewhere between 6:45-7:00 depending on how things go before him. There is live coverage on ESPNU tonight of the session, with most of the coverage surrounding the semifinals.

7:33 p.m. - Scott Giffin became Penn's 24th All-American with a 3-1 win over No. 6 Mike Benefiel of Oklahoma State. After a scoreless first period which saw Giffin create most of the action, he took the lead with an escape at 4:26. In the third period, Giffin rode Benefiel for the first 32 seconds, erasing riding time before Benefiel escaped. With 20 seconds to go, Giffin shot in on his patented right single, and got Benefiel off balance, tripping him down with a double to finish the match and book a place on the podium. He still has one more match tonight, against No. 10 Jordan Blanton of Illinois and will be in action tomorrow as well.

9:23 p.m. - Giffin was defeated by No. 10 Jordan Blanton of Illinois, 8-4, in a consolation quarterfinal match. Giffin will wrestle unseeded Jarion Beets of Northern Iowa tomorrow morning for seventh place.

A full recap will follow shortly.