Heavyweight Rowing Heads to Princeton Chase this Weekend

Princeton Chase

PHILADELPHIA - Men's heavyweight rowing will get back into the water this Saturday and Sunday as the team heads to the Princeton Chase in what will be the final race of the fall season for the varsity boats. The Quakers have entered three boats each in the varsity eight, varsity four, and freshman eight. Penn will also have five small boat pairings that will compete on Sunday.

The Princeton Chase begins Saturday at 2 p.m. with the freshman eights and the varsity small boats hitting the water first. The final race Saturday will see the varsity eights rowing at 3 p.m. Following the completion of the last race, the Quakers will return to Penn and host a parent's dinner at the Comcast Center starting at 6 p.m.

The heavyweight rowers will get an early start to their Sunday mornings with the varsity eights scheduled for a 10 a.m. The varsity fours will get their races started at noon. The freshmen eights will take to the water at 1 p.m. and the small boats will close out the Princeton Chase with a 2:30 p.m. race.

Last year, Penn's fastest varsity eight boat finished in ninth place at the Princeton Chase, while the second and third boats finished 18th and 26th respectively in the 38 boat field. In the varsity four, Penn's top boat crossed the line in 15th place overall.

The freshman eight B boat finished its race in 16th place, while the A boat overcame some early difficulties to finish the day in 18th place a year ago. In the small boats competition, Penn claimed the 22nd, 25th, 27th, 28th, and 31st spots in 2010.

This weekend will serve as the final race of the fall for the varsity boats. The freshmen boats will be back in action back in action next Saturday at the Rutgers Freshman Invitational.

Complete boating lineups are listed below. Updates for this weekend's racing on the water will be available on the Princeton Chase website.

Varsity Eights

Cox: Matthew Mildenberg
Stroke: Clyde Nickens
7: Matthew Jackson
6: Matthew McPeak
5: Kevin Kennedy
4: John McCluskey
3: Mitchell Stein
2: Chris Martin
Bow: Brian Young

Cox: Eric Kim
Stroke: James Senese
7: Jeffrey Schimmel
6: Gordon Thompson
5: Daren Frankel
4: Nick Kowalski
3: Richard Sanz
2: Andrew Wolfram
Bow: Aaron Tas

Cox: Gallagher
Stroke: Alex Schade
7: Andrew Rosenthal
6: Peter Bacas
5: Carson Woodbury
4: Matt Slodden
3: Colin Kane
2: Leonard Kaminski
Bow: Keith Rigney

Varsity Fours

Cox: Eric Kim
Stroke: Clyde Nickens
3: Brian Young
2: John McCluskey
Bow: Mitchell Stein

Cox: Matthew Mildenberg
Stroke: Kevin Kennedy
3: Matthew McPeak
2: Matthew Jackson
Bow: James Senese

Cox: Gallagher
Stroke: Chris Martin
3: Jeffrey Schimmel
2: Gordon Thompson
Bow: Richard Sanz

Small Boats

Stroke: Daren Frankel
Bow: Andrew Wolfram

Stroke: Nick Kowalski
Bow: Aaron Tas

Stroke: Andrew Rosenthal
Bow: Peter Bacas

Stroke: Alex Schade
Bow: Carson Woodbury

Stroke: Colin Kane
Bow: Keith Rigney

Freshman Eights

Cox: Louis Lombardi
Stroke: Jonathan Hennessy
7: Dara Alizadeh
6: Joseph Simon
5: Harry Holroyd
4: Zachary Bandes
3: Elliot Benton
2: John Bergantino
Bow: Alec Somers

Cox: Lowens
Stroke: Matt Slodden
7: Rush
6: Leonard Kaminski
5: Robert Wallace
4: Brochu
3: Flory
2: Korus
Bow: Scarfone

Cox: Saxena
Stroke: Schindler
7: Delaney
6: Romaine
5: Trusz
4: Debaun
3: Wan
2: Van Koevering
Bow: TBA