Heavyweight Rowing Hosts Madeira Cup Saturday

PHILADELPHIA – The University of Pennsylvania heavyweight rowing team concludes the regular season on Saturday, rowing for the Madeira Cup against Cornell on the Schuylkill River with Dartmouth College joining in the race.

The Quakers won two of their first three Cup races of the spring, and put together runner-up finishes in their next two races before a third-place row last weekend in the Adams Cup with Harvard and Navy.

On Saturday, No. 11 Penn will line up with No. 10 Cornell and No. 14 Dartmouth in a race which could factor heavily into seeding for EARC Sprints May 17 in Worcester.

Cornell has won the last seven Madeira Cup races, Penn’s last win coming in 2007 on the Schuylkill. All-time in the Madeira Cup, Penn owns a 35-23 edge dating back to the first installment in 1956.

Saturday’s races will be the last on home water for the Class of 2015. Dara Alizadeh, Zachary Bandes, Ted Brochu, Jonathan Hennessy, Harry Holroyd, Leonard Kaminski, Louis Lombardi, Joseph Simon, Matt Slodden, and Robert Wallace have been a part of a resurgence of the Penn Heavies, with five Cup wins as members of the Varsity and a Second Final appearance at IRAs.

Schedule for the Madeira Cup
9:30 a.m. - 4V (Pennsylvania, Cornell, Dartmouth)
9:50 a.m. - 3V (Pennsylvania, Cornell, Dartmouth)
10:10 a.m. - 1F (Pennsylvania, Cornell)
10:30 a.m. - 2V (Pennsylvania, Cornell, Dartmouth)
10:50 a.m. - 1V (Pennsylvania, Cornell, Dartmouth)

Penn Boatings

Varsity Eight
Cox: Louis Lombardi
Stroke: Dara Alizadeh
7. Richard Censists
6. Matt Slodden
5. Joseph Simon
4. Kevin McHale
3. Matthew Wagener
2. Harry Holroyd
Bow: Robert Wallace

Second Varsity
Cox: Jacob Mendelson
Stroke: Conor Davenport
7. Jonathan Hennessy
6. Chris Matyjek
5. Peter St. Michael
4. Zachary Bandes
3. Alexander Buck
2. Kevin Kelly
Bow: Joseph Mack

Third Varsity
Cox: Lauren Hochman
Stroke: Diego Fiori
7. Harrison Thayer
6. Elliot Bok
5. Jeremy Wright
4. Chet Heldman
3. Daniel Kennedy-Moore
2. Jakub Dziedzic
1. Leonard Kaminski

Fourth Varsity
Cox: Natalie McFall
Stroke: Sean O'Dowd
7. Sean Hartman
6. Ethan Stinner
5. Travis Gosse
4. Ted Brochu
3. Sam Altland
2. Frederick LaViolette
Bow: Cole Speidel

Frosh Eight
Cox: Michael Dudum
Stroke: Henry Rogers
7. Joel Kagan
6. Roel Van Broekhuizen
5. Torin DiSalvo
4. Mihir Dehkne
3. Andrew Chou
2. David Loungani
Bow: Matt Kreps