Heavyweight Rowing Retains McCausland Cup

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - Penn went 1-for-2 in Cup races on Saturday, regrouping to defeated George Washington to retain the McCausland Cup in the afternoon following a morning loss to Northeastern in the Burk Cup.

The Quakers dominated in the McCausland Cup, sweeping all four races against George Washington to take a 3-2 lead all-time in the McCausland Cup. Competing with strong headwinds, the varsity eight won the Cup race by five seconds, crossing first in 6:45.1 to GW's 6:50.1.

The win in the varsity eight was the third of four on the day, as the varsity won a close race after two wins by larger distances in the frosh eight and second varsity eight. The novice boat won by 22 seconds, outdistancing George Washington 7:04.1 to 7:36.1. The second varsity had nearly a 20-second win, navigating the course in 7:08.7 to the Colonials' 7:28.2. The final race of the day was a second frosh fours race, which Penn won 8:56.2 to 9:07.9. Penn's third varsity four was also in the race as an exhibition to get extra time on the water and crossed in 8:40.8.

In varying headwinds on the 2000m course, the Quakers were defeated by Northeastern by 8.6 seconds in the varsity eight in the Burk Cup. The Huskies crossed first in 6:38.5 to Penn's 6:47.1. The Huskies took all four races held in the morning, with Penn's closest runner-up finish coming in the 2V where the Red and Blue crossed in 6:52.6, just over five seconds behind Northeastern's 6:47.4.

The heavyweight rowing team is off until April 7 when the Quakers look to claim the Childs Cup against Princeton and Columbia in Princeton, N.J.

McCausland Cup
Varsity Eight
1. Penn 6:45.1
2. George Washington 6:50.1

Second Varsity Eight
1. Penn 7:08.7
2. George Washington 7:28.2

Frosh Eight
1. Penn 7:04.1
2. George Washington 7:36.1

Second Frosh Fours
1. Penn 3V (Exhibition) 8:40.8
2. Penn 8:56.2
3. George Washington 9:07.9

Burk Cup
Varsity Eight
1. Northeastern 6:38.5
2. Penn 6:47.1

Second Varsity Eight
1. Northeastern 6:47.4
2. Penn 6:52.6

Frosh Eight
1. Northeastern 6:33.0
2, Penn 6:55.9

Open Fours
1. Northeastern 8:01.8
2. Penn A 8:26.2
3. Penn B 8:55.0