Heavyweight Rowing Returns to Schuylkill River for Blackwell Cup

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PHILADELPHIA – After five races away from home waters to begin the spring season, Penn returns to the Schuylkill River for the Blackwell Cup on Saturday starting at 8:30 a.m.

No. 16 Penn will host No. 8 Yale and No. 9 Columbia in the 82nd installment of the Blackwell Cup. Overall, Yale has the lead in all-time wins with 42 to 34 victories for the Quakers and five for the Lions. The Blackwell Cup is presented for annual competition among the varsity crews of the three schools in memory of George Engs Blackwell, an 1880 Columbia graduate. The first race for the Blackwell Cup was held in 1927.

The Bulldogs have won the last three Blackwell Cup races and eight of the last ten. Penn will be looking for its first win in the Blackwell Cup since 2002 which was the final of four consecutive wins for the Quakers.

Last weekend, Penn and Columbia rowed for the Childs Cup with Princeton, a wild race won by the Tigers. The Quakers and Lions were in a tight battle for second, but the Quakers were derailed by a wayward boat which entered its lane while warming up for a later race. While there was no collision, the distraction caused the Quakers to fall behind and eventually finish third.

Schedule for the Blackwell Cup
8:30 a.m. – Frosh/Third Varsity Eights (Penn 1F, Penn 2F, Columbia 3V, Yale 3V)
8:50 a.m. – Second Varsity Eights
9:10 a.m. – Varsity Eights
9:30 a.m. – Varsity Fours

Penn’s Probable Boatings
Varsity Eight
Varsity 8
Cox: Louis Lombardi
Stroke: Matthew McPeak
7: James Senese
6: Jeffrey Schimmel
5: Kenny Nickens
4: Harry Holroyd
3: Keith Rush
2: Matthew Jackson
Bow: Robert Wallace

Second Varsity
Cox: Eric Kim
Stroke: Mitchell Stein
7: John McCluskey
6: Matt Slodden
5: Darren Frankel
4: Ted Brochu
3: Jonathan Hennessy
2: Dara Alizadeh
Bow: Zachary Bandes

Cox: Jacob Mendelson
Stroke: Richard Censits
7: Alexander Buck
6: Kevin McHale
5: Conor Davenport
4: Chris Matyjek
3: Daniel Kraft
2: Jared Levin
Bow: Alex Brown

2nd Freshman
Cox: Gregory Muir
Stroke: Marc Gerard
7: Max Heiden
6: Peter St. Michael
5: Diego Fiori
4: Joseph Mack
3: Alexander Weeks
2: Zachary Endter
Bow: Matthew Wagener

Varsity Four
Cox: Joe Anzur
Stroke: Alex Schade
3: Colin Kane
2: Leonard Kaminski
Bow: Keith Rigney