Heavyweight Rowing Sets Table for Saturday Semis

WINDSOR, N.J. – Day One of the 2015 IRA National Championships Regatta saw the University of Pennsylvania heavyweight rowing team send two boats through to the A/B semifinals and one more boat set up to make a move to the Grand Final.

The Varsity Eight and Second Varsity took care of business in the afternoon repechage races, each winning its rep to move on to the A/B semifinals and a shot at the Grand Final. The Frosh Eight was third in its morning heat, and will row in a repechage on Saturday. A top-two finish in the rep will send the Frosh on to the Grand Final.

The Varsity Eight set itself up for a shot at the Grand Final with a win in its afternoon repechage on Lake Mercer, using a strong row in the opening 1000m to pull away from Wisconsin and earn the sole transfer spot into Saturday’s semifinals.

In the morning heats, the Varsity Eight gave it a good go at Brown for the second qualifying spot into the A/B semifinals. The Quakers pushed the Bears through the first 1000m, both crews well behind Yale. As the Bears began to pull away a bit over the third 500m, the Quakers began to look ahead to the afternoon repechage and pulled back a bit which led to the final margin between the Bears and Quakers as the Red and Blue were securely locked into the third position, well clear of Stanford, George Washington and Syracuse.

The 2V saw its morning race go pretty similarly to the 1V, giving a charge to Brown in the first 1000m before the Bears pulled away for second place. The Quakers were a comfortable third in their heat and saved some gas for the afternoon, finishing clear of Columbia.

In the afternoon, the 2V ramped it up in a battle with George Washington for the transfer spot to the final, besting the Colonials by almost three seconds. Penn blistered through the opening 500m, building a boat-length lead that the Quakers never relinquished.

The Freshman Eight finished third in its heat, unable to hold off a hard-charging Cornell. With Washington well clear, it was a tight race between the Quakers and Big Red for second. Penn had the edge for the opening 1000m, but the Big Red rallied in the third 500 to take second. Penn’s freshmen will row in a repechage race on Saturday morning.

The Third Varsity was fourth in both of its races on Friday, and will row in Sunday’s Third Final. The Varsity Four was fourth in its heat and then took third in the repechage. The V4 will row in the C/D semifinals on Saturday looking to advance to the Third Final.

Penn’s first boat in the water on Saturday will be the 2V in Semifinal B at 9:48 a.m. The 1V will follow at 10:12 and the Frosh will row at 10:36. The V4 will row just after noon in their semifinal.

Varsity Eight

1. Yale 5:52.244
2. Brown 5:54.857
3. Penn 6:04.102
4. Stanford 6:07.391
5. George Washington 6:14.613
6. Syracuse 6:16.982

1. Penn 5:48.852
2. Wisconsin 5:51.023
3. Hobart 5:53.485
4. Oregon State 6:01.083

Second Varsity

1. Princeton 6:01.143
2. Brown 6:04.552
3. Penn 6:12.342
4. Columbia 6:15.436
5. Hobart 6:19.614

1. Penn 6:00.649
2. George Washington 6:03.529
3. Drexel 6:19.993
4. Holy Cross 6:30.864

Third Varsity

1. Princeton 6:04.358
2. Wisconsin 6:07.203
3. Yale 6:21.613
4. Penn 6:30.300
5. Hobart 6:45.743

1. Boston University 6:03.001
2. Navy 6:07.199
3. George Washington 6:12.364
4. Penn 6:18.378
5. Drexel 6:35.030

Frosh Eight

1. Washington 5:56.969
2. Cornell 6:04.274
3. Penn 6:13.259
4. Drexel 6:20.883
5. Dartmouth 6:25.911

Varsity Four

1. California 6:36.725
2. Wisconsin 6:38.683
3. Harvard 6:48.496
4. Penn 7:00.985
5. Dartmouth 7:06.248

1. MIT 6:55.334
2. 7:01.546
3. Penn 7:06.806
4. Santa Clara 7:26.702