Heavyweight Rowing Suffers Wild Defeat at Childs Cup


OVERPECK PARK, N.J. – As if Penn’s heavyweight varsity eight didn’t have enough to contend with in the 103rd edition of the Childs Cup with No. 4 Princeton and No. 15 Columbia making the race a competition between 20% of the nation’s Top-15 crews, No. 13 Penn found a wayward boat smack in the middle of its lane, knocking the Quakers from contention for a 46th win the nation’s oldest rowing regatta.

The unexpected – and surely unwelcomed – visitors rendered the Quakers third in the race in a time of 5:56.2. The Tigers won the race, their fourth in a row, in a time of 5:45.0 to break a tie with the Red and Blue for most all-time Childs Cup wins. Columbia was second in 5:47.5. Penn and Columbia were in quite a battle before coming upon a forelorn four in Penn's lane about 800m into the course. The Red and Blue were forced to contend with the blockade, and the Lions were able to row forward uninhibited to give the Tigers a race. Frustrated about the unforeseen obstacle, the Quakers continued on but were not a factor. At the conclusion of the race, a protest was launched by Penn, but was ultimately denied.

Conditions were pefect on the water - save for the extra entrant - with minimal wind and no movement on the surface. Princeton won all four races featuring eight-man crews, Penn taking second in all three which were without intrusion.

The Second Varsity saw the Quakers out-stroke the Lions to the line for second by 1.5 seconds, finishing in the runner-up spot in a time of 5:57.3. Princeton was first in 5:49.8.
Penn’s First Frosh Eight was second to Princeton’s 3V by 3.6 seconds, but crossed the line 7.3 seconds ahead of Columbia’s 3V in a time of 6:03.7. The Red and Blue’s 2F was second to Princeton’s 4V, but well ahead of the Tigers’ 5V.

Penn dominated in the Varsity Fours, winning a duel with Columbia in a time of 7:05.9. The Lions were well back, needing 7:25.4 to navigate the course.

The Quakers will see the Lions again next weekend as part of the Blackwell Cup with Yale on the Schuylkill River.

Varsity Eight
1. Princeton 5:45.0
2. Columbia 5:47.5
3. Penn 5:56.2

Second Varsity Eight

1. Princeton 5:49.8
2. Penn 5:57.3
3. Columbia 5:58.8

Third Varsity/First Frosh Eight

1. Princeton 6:00.1
2. Penn 1F 6:03.7
3. Columbia 6:11.0

Fourth Varsity/Second Frosh Eight

1. Princeton 4V 6:06.9
2. Penn 2F 6:13.0
3. Princeton 5V 6:40.0

Varsity Fours

1. Penn 7:05.9
2. Columbia 7:25.4