Heavyweights 11th at Princeton Chase

PRINCETON – The University of Pennsylvania heavyweight rowing team finished 11th at the Princeton Chase on Sunday, with two other boats taking 27th and 29th in the final competition of the fall for the Quakers.

Penn’s ‘A’ boat was 11th overall, finishing in a time of 13:26.252 – about 1.3 seconds behind Wisconsin for a top-10 finish. Princeton was the winner, crossing the finish line in a time of 12:57.261. Penn’s ‘A’ crew was coxed by Michael Dudum, and featured Henry Rogers, Joel Kagan, Roel Van Broekhuizen, Ethan Stinner, Andrew Barnish, David Loungani, and Elliot Bok.

The ‘B’ crew for Penn was 27th overall, finishing in 13:53.926. The ‘B’ boat was coxed by Lauren McFall, and featured Bill Schmidt, Sean Forester, Torin Di Salvo, Matthew Wagener, Peter St. Michael, Brett Hanson, Chris Matyjek, and Matt Kreps.

The ‘C’ boat was about 1.3 seconds behind its teammates, finishing in 29th place with a time of 13:55.394. Rowing for Penn in this boat were coxswain Sabrina Stanich, Hopper Hillegass, Ian Clemens, Kevin Kelly, Mihir Dekhne, Jakub Dziedzic, Joseph Mack, Diego Fiori, and Daniel Kennedy-Moore.