Heavyweights Open Season Saturday on Schuylkill

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PHILADELPHIA - On Saturday at the 24th Navy Day Regatta, the University of Pennsylvania men's heavyweight rowing team will take to the Schuylkill River for the first competition of the 2009-10 campaign. The first boat is set to leave the starting line at 8:30 a.m.

With the Navy Day Regatta's first race at 8:30 a.m., the Quakers will begin shortly thereafter when the Red and Blue send their first boats out for competition at 9:56 a.m.

Tentative boatings for the Quakers are listed below.

The event is a 2.5 mile-long head race that features more than 50 events and approximately 2,000 athletes each year. Last year, Penn's second varsity crewfinished in second place in the men's college four, while the first varsity and third varsity boats clocked times in the top 10 out ofthe 20 finishers from around the region.

For more information, directions, a course map, a complete schedule and live results, visit http://www.navydayregatta.com.

Tentative Line-Ups

Open Fours


Cox: Mildenberg Tanzman Sloane Day

Str: Kennedy Dunn Whitehead Sanz

3: Simon B. Wilson Brzozowski Morrison

2: Kneeland Young Russo Gollnitz

Bow: Mead Barnes G. Wilson Wolfram

Freshman Eights


Cox: Shea Tzeng Krupa

Str: Jackson Werlin Stolowitz

7: Lys-Dobradin Wood Salvitti

6: McPeak Rambach Koul

5: Nickens Stein Morson

4: McCluskey Pless Ma

3: Barker Oskay Sauer

2: Bristow Rahm Willis

Bow: Senese Booth Ziauddin

Freshman Four


Cox: Shea

Str: Werlin

3: McCluskey

2: Barker

Bow: Wood

Open Eights


Cox: Sloane Tanzman Mildenberg Tzeng

Str: Simon Brzozowski Windsor Nickens

7: Kennedy Russo Thompson McPeak

6: Mead G. Wilson Sanz Lys-Dobradin

5: Dunn Morrison Morson Jackson

4: B. Wilson Wolfram Koul Pless

3: Kneeland Barnes Rambach Stein

2: Whitehead Gollnitz Booth Senese

Bow: Young Martin Rahm Bristow