Heavyweights Place Third in Adams Cup Race

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PHILADELPHIA - The University of Pennsylvania heavyweights finished third in the race for the Adams Cup on Saturday. The Quakers were also second in a pair of races with Navy and Harvard on the Severn River.

In the varsity race, Harvard and Navy pulled ahead and finished first (6:02.24)and second (6:02.85), respectively. Penn came in third with a time of 6:11.94.

Penn was the runner-up in the second varsity and freshman race. The JV finished in 6:08.89, which was just a few seats behind Harvard's 6:07.53, and about a length ahead of Navy's time of 6:11.59. The freshmen nudged ahead of the Midshipmen at the finish line and stopped the clock at 6:16.24 -- just in front of Navy's 6:16.84. Harvard won with a time of 6:08.09.

Penn was third in the third varsity race (6:26.20), while the Crimson won with a finish of 6:26.20. Harvard was also tops in the fourth varsity race at 6:29.59, while Penn placed fourth at 7:04.5.

One more cup race remains as the Quakers take on Cornell for the rights to the Madeira Cup. Dartmouth will join the cup race as a guest on Saturday on the Schuylkill River.